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60 Easy Yoga Poses For Kids

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Struggling with the current pandemic yoga activities for children is very necessary for every parent to fight against the current virus again.

Looking at today's time. We are lock in the home and kids do not have physical activity. In this scenario, yoga for kids is the best option.

Now you think and maybe ask, what are some yoga poses kids enjoy?

Defiantly you will find the best yoga poses for kids in this article. You will know the list and detail of yoga poses for kids with names.

At present, the shadow of the Coronavirus or COVID-19 has been cast on the whole world as a new problem.

This virus has a direct effect on our bodies. As you all are aware that no medicine for this virus is available in the market.

Treatment is recommended by all doctors. It is to keep yourself healthy and increase your immunity.

Apart from the above viruses, many types of flu and viruses keep attacking our body with the change of weather.

An adult woman and man understand these problems and also know their precautions, but children would not have been so aware of these problems.

Children often become careless.

You can cure the above problem by sitting at home.

Kids Yoga ideas are available to all in today's time.

Kids fun yoga is a good exercise that keeps young children physically healthy.

Being motivated to eat healthily is one of the major benefits of yoga for kids that yoga


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Healthy food increases immunity in children.

Anyway, children nowadays have to face much mental stress.

To always be ahead in school education, to complete homework on time, the pressure to stay ahead in sports, and to be ranked higher in competition than their classmates.

All these topics are increasing mental stress in children.

Eating unhealthy food and junk food is also causing many disorders in children.

Violent online games are also increasing anger in children. Because of which children lose their temper very quickly.

Now there are yoga games for kids are available in the play stores. This will encourage you to connect with yoga.

For these problems, yoga is beneficial for kids because yoga develops physical ability and calms kids mentally.

Is yoga good for kids?

Children are naturally curious and hyperactive. Children's body is very flexible initially but they do not have control over it.

Yoga asanas for kids are not just physical exercise. It is also helpful in keeping your mind and senses calm.

Yoga for children will increase self-respect, physical ability, body flexibility, and self-control.

The regular practice of kids yoga increases the discipline of children at home as well as at school and outside.

Children who are not able to maintain a single concentration due to being more active.

With the help of fun yoga for kids, you can keep those children mentally focused and calm.

How do I introduce my child to yoga?

To get your children interested in doing yoga is not by force,

but by doing it yourself and allow your children to see for themselves how much fun you have during yoga practice.

Kid's natural curiosity will lead them to do yoga and these yoga poses are fun for them and all these yoga postures are similar to everyday sports.

Perform fun yoga poses in front of children such as cat yoga pose, lion yoga pose, frog yoga pose.

All these easy yoga poses for kids will awaken the desire of children to understand and practice yoga.

Children are curious by nature and stare carefully at the activities performed by adults.

There are many fun yoga poses in yoga that has been developed by being inspired by animals.

All these animal yoga poses are fun games for children.

As children started taking interest in doing yoga.

How can kids do yoga at home?

Next, teach them to make concentration by yoga.

For this, you encourage them to do tree yoga poses or warrior yoga poses.

These yoga postures will help in balancing and calming the mind in children.

With meditation, breathing exercises, as well as some fun animal poses and corpse postures, your children will soon be able to make connections between mind, body, and spirit.

What age can kids start yoga?

You can motivate children to learn yoga from the age of 5.

In the beginning, 15 to 20 minutes of yoga practice will be sufficient and with increasing age, the duration of time should be increased.

Along with increasing concentration and controlling your breath.

Do some fun animal yoga exercises and corpse yoga asana practice.

Through these yoga poses, children will learn to control their mind, body, and mind.

Can 12-year-olds do yoga?

Yoga is for everyone you can do yoga at any age.

The best option that you can give to your children is to start yoga at a young age and make it a habit. This will not only help them stay healthy but will also make them look fit.

Being a yoga instructor is another thing, and teaching yoga to children is another.

There is no doubt that children bring happiness, new energy, and youth into the lives of parents, families, teachers, and caregivers.

How do I teach my child to do yoga?

You can also become a yoga teacher for your children, or else any yoga instructor can be appointed.

Children have a way of seeing the world, totally different.

You have to learn yoga by keeping in mind the way children look. Yoga practice has to be associated with something that children love and which can attract them.

Such as Superman Yoga Pose, Down Facing Dog Yoga Pose, or Child Pose.

There are lots of yoga moves available for kids like animal yoga poses for kindergarten or pet yoga poses.

So let us know at all the yoga that is suitable for children and they are connected in some way to an animal and objects in the surrounding environment.

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What are some yoga poses kids enjoy?

So let us know at all the elementary yoga poses that are suitable for children.

Zoo animal yoga poses they are connected in some way to an animal and objects in the surrounding environment.

Yoga can be made like a sporting game for children.

In this article, we have given some suggestions through which you can develop a tendency towards yoga in children.

You can also encourage children by putting some creativity in yoga.

Connect animal yoga poses with children around us and encourage children to do it.

Like animals, birds, superheroes, trees, mountains, tables, or chairs, there are much yoga poses that you can easily teach your children.

Some important suggestions:

How can kids do yoga?

Choose yoga poses to suit children's ability.

If you feel changes in the yoga pose, then be free to modify the pose according to the scenario.

It is not necessary for children to follow all the rules of yoga; it is more important to enjoy yoga.

When teaching yoga to children, keep in mind their likes and dislikes.

This will give them interest and energy towards yoga.

Do not hold back from bringing creativity in yoga to increase the curiosity of yoga among children.

Enjoy yoga with safety as well.

While doing yoga, wear comfortable oneself and ask children to wear comfortable clothes too.

Ask the children to try barefoot yoga exercises as much as possible.

To understand the yoga poses of children, add a story related to animals or birds.

Encouraging children to play the character in that story through yoga.

Children yoga poses list

Yoga stretches for kids: Energizing and strengthening Poses

(1.) Superman Yoga Pose

What is a superman stretch?

Hindi- Viparita shalabhasana

How to Pose Superman yoga for kids

Lay the yoga mat flat on your stomach and lie down on it.

Raise both your legs and your feet up at the same place at the same time.

Your Superman pose should look like you're flying in the air.

Stay in this position for 5 seconds.

Repeat this pose 10 times in a similar manner.


Superman yoga poses to make your lower back strong.

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(2.) Downhill Skier Yoga Pose

How to pose Downhill Skier yoga asana?

Move your hands directly over the head.

Make a difference of one foot in both legs.

Now bend your knee at 90 degrees.

Keep your waist straight.

Now bring your hands under your head and place your elbows on your thighs.

Keep the head straight and the yoga pose should look like.

You are descending from the hill towards the bottom while skiing.


Downhill skier yoga poses to strengthen children's upper back, shoulders, abdomen, spinal extensors, and hamstrings.

(3.) Extended Side Angle Pose

What is Extended Side Angle Pose

Hindi- Utthita Parsvakonasana. The pose looks like a Sailboat

How to Pose Extended Side Angle Yoga Move

First of all, you stand in a state of mountain Yoga Posture (see yoga poes no 48) or Tadasana.

After this, spread both your legs for about 4 feet.

Now twist yourself on the right side.

Keep in mind that both your legs are in the same line.

Gently bend the knee of the right leg.

Ankle and feet should be in the same line.

After this, turn your left leg 90 degrees to the right.

the ankles of both your legs should be in the equal line.

Now, while inhaling the breath, freeze the left-hand claw towards the outside of the right foot and straighten it by raising the right hand.

Finally, raise your mouth up and look at the fingers of the right hand, in which case you remain for 5 seconds to 10 seconds.


By doing this extended side angel yoga exercise, the legs, knees, and thighs are stretched, which makes the muscles of the legs strong.

This yoga workout stretches the chest and lungs, thereby increasing blood circulation in the chest and lungs, which is good for good health.

(4.) Single Knee to Chest Pose

or Cycle Yoga Pose

What is a single keen to chest yoga pose?

Hindi - Pada Sanchalanasana. All known as Cycling yoga move.

How to Pose Single knees to chest Yoga Posture or Cycle yoga pose?

First, take a thick yoga mat and lie down on your back.

Inhale, bringing the legs out and tightening the hips and thighs.

Do not bend the right leg.

Raise the left leg 20 degrees.

Bring the bent knee closer to the chest.

Use your hands if you have difficulty.

With the help of your hands, try to pull the knees towards the chest.

Now do this with the other leg also.

For some time, try to stop yourself in this pose.

Now practice walking like a bicycle.


Beneficial for knees and hips joints.

Reduce belly fat and weight loss.

Strengthen abdominal and lower back muscles.

Improve digestion.

(5.) Low Lunge Yoga Pose

or Kids Runner Pose

What is low Lunge Yoga pose?

Hindi- Anjaneyasana. Also, know as a runner in English

How do you do low Lunge Yoga pose?

Move the right leg forward between both hands.

Now come directly to the fingerprints of the foot.

Align the front calf above the front heel.

Move the other toe as far back as possible.

Press the fingers of both hands and pull the chest forward.

Try to move the spine bone forward.

Keep the back, thigh, legs firmly fixed.

Do the same from the other leg.

This yoga pose will make it look like you are ready to run.


Muscles are strengthened.

Helpful in breathing and balance of the body.

Helpful in calming the mind.

Open the thigh, hips, and chest.

helps in increases to focus and concentration.

The body feels energetic.

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(6.) Kids Warrior-1 Yoga Pose

What is warrior-yoga pose-1?

Hindi- Virabhadrasana-1 is also known as a warrior-1 yoga exercise in English

How to do warrior yoga posture-1?

Stand with the feet up and start pulling your left foot backward with the right foot 90 degrees to the floor.

Raise your arms and bring palms together in one prayer.

Hold for 8-10 breaths.

Switch to the other side.


The practice of warrior-1 strengthens the heel, thighs, shoulders, calf, hands, back, etc.

Whereas the practice of warrior-1 brings ankle, navel, thighs, shoulders, lungs, calves, neck muscles, neck stretches.

It is a powerful standing posture that develops stamina, balance, and coordination

(7.) Kids Warrior-2 Yoga Pose

or Skateboarder Pose

What is warrior pose-2 yoga posture?

Hindi Virbhadrasana-2 also known as warrior pose-2 and Skateboarder pose

How to do warrior yoga posture-2?

Stand up straight first.

Slowly move your left leg back.

Bend the left toe at 90 degrees.

Bend the right leg knee and stay in the posture for a few breaths.

Keep the left knee straight.

With the palms facing down, raise both hands up.

Stretch your arms straight.

Spread your arms.

Hold for a few breaths.

Return to the original position.

Repeat on the other side.


Strengthens and stretches legs and ankles.

Increases flexibility of back and legs

Strengthens leg muscles

Develops concentration, balance, and basicity.

(8.) Kids Warrior-3 Yoga Pose

or Skater Pose

What is warrior pose -3?

Hindi-Veebhadrasana-3 also known as warrior pose-3 or skater pose

How to do warrior yoga posture-3?

Stand upright on yoga mats.

At first, you can also stand in the mountain pose (see yoga pose no 48).

Keep both legs straight and bend the upper body down.

Try to put both hands on the floor.

With the help of both hands, raise your left leg.

Keep the back straight.

After this, slowly raise both your hands.

Move your torso, ie the upper body and both hands, and bring it to parallel to the floor.

In this position, both your hands, torso (upper body), and feet will be in a straight line.

Balance your right foot and try to stay in this posture.

While in this posture, take 5 to 6 breaths.

In the last step, keep your feet down and return to your starting position.

Now repeat all the steps above with the other foot.


Virabhadrasana-3 Yoga Mudra or warrior-3 is a very good posture to strengthen our body.

The warrior-3 pose improves to steady and balance the body.

It increases stamina.

This asana strengthens your feet, ankles, shoulders, and back.

This asana tones the stomach.

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(9.) Diamond Yoga Pose

What is a diamond yoga pose?

Hindi-Vajrasana. It is also called Diamond Pose or Thunderbolt Pose.

How to do Diamond Yoga pose?

First of all, choose a good environment and spread yoga mats and sit on it.

Now stand on both knees with both your legs straight.

Now sit on the yoga mat again in this situation.

After sitting, keep in mind that the soles of your feet,

Should be below your hip.

Now spread both your hands and keep it on the thigh of the feet.

Keep breathing normally while remaining 1 -10 minutes in this yoga pose.


Diamond Yoga Pose corrects your digestive system.

Relieves constipation and keeps you from constipation.

Strengthens your pelvic muscles.

(10.)Wide-Legged Forward Bend Pose

or Woodchopper Pose

What is Wide-Legged Forward Bend Pose?

Hindi-prasarita padottanasana is also called woodchopper pose in English.

How do you do a wide-legged forward bend?

Stand upright with your feet spread from 3 to 4 feet apart.

Keep your waist straight and spread both hands and take it above your head.

While exhaling, tilt your waist towards the bottom.

Hold the paws of your feet with your hands and touch your head on the ground.

The knees of the feet should not bend.

Stay in this state for some time.


This asana strengthens the muscles of the waist and inner and back parts of the legs.

Calms your mind.

Relieves backache.

Also relieves mild stress and fatigue.

(11.)Kids Seated Forward Bend Yoga Pose

or Boat Rowing Yoga Pose

What is kids seated forward bend pose?

Hindi-Paschottanasana is also called boat rowing yoga pose in English.

How to do Boat Rowing pose

Sit with your legs spread out in front.

Keep your spine straight.

Keep both hands straight while breathing.

Move both hands above the head.

While exhaling, lean forward with the hips joint.

As far as you can move the hands, move the hands

towards the ankles of the feet.

If you can grab your claw and pull it will help you bend forward.

Stay in this state for some time.


Seated Forward Bend Pose is a good exercise for the muscles of the lower, thigh, and hips of the body.

This pose is a good massage for the abdominal and lower abdominal organs.

Exercise of the shoulder.

(12.)Kids Staff Yoga Pose

What is kids staff yoga pose?

Hindi-Dandasana is also known as a staff Yoga pose.

How to do a staff yoga pose

To do the staff pose, sit down at the Yoga Mat.

Spread both legs in front of your body and keep close together.

Put your both hands straight and your palms should be on the ground.

Both hands should be near both the hips.

Keep your spine and neck straight.

Elevate your chest.

Look at the front and breathe regularly.

You keep doing this staff pose for 20 seconds to one minute.


Stretches your shoulders.

The spine becomes flexible and strong.

Strengthens the muscles of the backbone.

Calms the brain.

Enhances digestive power.

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(13.) Legs up the Wall Yoga Posture

What are Legs up the Wall yoga workout?

Hindi-Viparita Karani. Also knows as the upside-down seal pose.

How do you perform legs up the wall yoga pose?

Lie on your back.

Attach both legs to the wall and keep it straight.

Now raise your legs with the help of walls.

It can be a bit uncomfortable but you will get relief gradually.

Now slowly raise your hips up.

Support your body with your hands.

Keep your neck, shoulders, and face steady.

In this state, take a deep breath for 5 minutes and exhale. Slowly come out of this state.

How long should you do Viparita Karani?

Hold in an upside-down seal pose for 1 to 2 minutes.

If you are not used to doing yoga, you want to get up after 5 minutes, and that's fine.


This yoga move is also known as an upside-down seal pose. It helps to relax tired feet.

It helps the mind and body to get rid of anxiety.

Helps in reducing the risk of urinary disorder and migraine.

(14.) Shark Yoga Pose

What is the Shark yoga pose?

The shark yoga pose is a modified yoga asana for kids

How to do Shark yoga pose?

Lie flat on a yoga mat on a flat place.

Stick the heels of your feet together.

Try pulling both of your legs backward.

If possible, keep both legs in the air, then try.

Now move both hands behind your back.

Combine the palms of both hands and lift them upwards.

Keep your neck raised above the ground as well.

Start swinging your shoulders as if you are moving by ripping water in the sea.


Stamina increases in the shoulders and chest.

It is a great yoga practice for children to build upper body strength.

(15.) Dolphin Yoga Pose

What is dolphin pose in yoga?

Hindi-Ardha Pincha Mayurasana as well as known as Dolphin Pose in English.

How to do dolphin pose

Come on your knees on yoga mats.

Now keep your hands on the ground till the elbows.

Now leave the breath and move the legs backward.

Now gently raise the part of your waist and come to the toes.

Make your body balanced on the elbows and toes.

While breathing, stay in this pose for some time.

After this, bring the knees down slowly.


It also makes it easy to strengthen the shoulder and backbone bone.

This pose relieves mental stress.

(16.) Kids Frog Yoga Pose

What is Frog Yoga pose Kids?

Hindi-Mandukasana also is known as frog yoga pose in English.

How do you teach frog pose?

Sit in a diamond pose (see yoga pose no-9).

Now open your knees in V shape.

Raise your body above the waist and come to the feet.

Open the fingers of both your hands fully and rest them between your two legs.

Stay in this pose for some time.


Frog yoga poses to strengthen the spine.

You feel relaxed.

Get rid of mental stress.

Reduces increased fat.

(17.)KidsTurtle Yoga Pose

What is kids turtle yoga pose?

Hindi-Kurmasana also is known as a kid's turtle yoga pose?

How do you do turtle pose?

Sit on a yoga mat with both your legs opened out in front.

Now bend your knees slightly in the direction of your feet.

Bend your waist slightly.

Turn both your hands from inside your two legs and get out.

Now put the palms of your hands on the floor.

Now try to keep your waist straight.

Wait in this status for a few seconds.


Flexes the muscles of the hips, neck, shoulders, and back.

Increases physical energy.

(18.)Child Fish Yoga Pose

What is Kid Fish Pose?

Hindi-Matsyasana also knows as a child fish pose.

How do you do fish pose?

Lay a yoga mat and lie on your back.

Keep your hands comfortable with the body.

Pressing the paws and elbows of your hands on the ground, raise your chest upwards.

Your back will look like an arch.

Rest the back of your head on the ground.

Remain in this state for some time.


Fish pose keeps your neck and shoulders tense.

Strengthens your back.

Makes the neck bone strong and flexible.

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(19.) Kids Penguin Yoga Pose

How to do a Penguin yoga pose

Stand upright on yoga mats.

Connect both your hands to the body.

Now stand on your heels without bending your knees.

Open your hands slightly.

Take out your wrists slightly and as the penguin holds its wings.

Now try to swing on your ankles and make balance on your heels.

This yoga posture is fun for children.


Helps in creating physical balance.

Strengthens the heels.

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(20.) Half Seated Twist Pose

What is half seated twist yoga pose?

Or Which Asana means half spinal twist pose?

Hindi- Ardhamatsyendra is also known as half Load of the fishes pose or kids Deer yoga pose.

How to pose seated twist yoga pose

Sit with your legs spread out in front, keep both feet together.

Keep the spine straight.

Turn the left leg.

Now put the left foot heel near the right hip.

Put your right foot in front of the left knee.

Put the left hand on the right knee and right hand back.

Look at the top of the right shoulder, bending the waist, shoulders, and neck from the right side.

Keep the spine straight.

Stop in this pose, take deep and long breaths.

Exhale, first relax the right hand, then the waist, then the chest, and lastly the neck.

Repeat the process from the other side.


This asana brings back and buttock muscles.

It lengthens the spine and relaxes.

This will massage the digestive organs.

Strengthens the abdominal muscles.

(21.) Standing Forward Bend

What is Standing Forward Bend?

Hindi-Uttanasana also is known as Elephant yoga pose

How to practice forward folds?

How do you seat forward bend?

Stand straight and put both hands on the side of your body.

Exhale bend through hip joint

Exhale while bending down.

If you have so much flexibility that you can place your fingers or palm on the ground, two hinges.

Do not stop breathing while in the posture.

Try to keep your back straight.

Keep the legs straight.

Allow your head to hang comfortably.

Breathe in while bringing the torso up.

Remember keep your back straight.

Return from your hip joints to the initial position.


- Calms the mind and helps in relieving stress.

- Assists in healthier functioning of the liver and kidneys.

- Strengthens thighs and knees.

(22.) Kids Lion yoga pose

What is a kid's lion yoga pose?

Hindi- Simhasana is also known as lion yoga posture English.

How to do a kid's lion yoga pose?

Knees fold and sit on the yoga mat.

This initial posture is also called Vajrasana or Diamond Pose (see yoga pose no-9).

Stick the heels together and sit on them properly.

Spread the fingers of both hands on your thighs.

Press hands on thighs.

Breathe deeply through your nose.

Try to open your face as much as you can.

Try to get your tongue out as much as possible.

Open your eyes completely.

Release your breath with strength, as the lion roars.


Lion Posture is a fun yoga pose for kids.

This asana excretes the extra energy of the children and calms them.

This breathing yoga asana calms the mind, body, and brain in children.

This yoga exercise produces good stretching for hips and ankles.

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(23.) Kids Rabbit Yoga Pose

What is Rabbit yoga pose?

Hindi-Shashankasana. This asana is also known as kids' rabbit yoga posture because while performing this asana your position looks like a sitting rabbit.

How to do a kid's Rabbit yoga pose?

Sit on the floor after laying on a yoga mat.

Come to the diamond pose (see yoga pose no-9).

Sit comfortably in a diamond pose and place your palms on the thighs of your feet.

Inhale and raise your hand straight up and stretch.

Now exhale and bend yourself forward. Steps Kids Rabbit Yoga Pose

Your nose and forehead should be left off the ground.

Keep your arms spread and palms on the ground.

Wait in this state as long as possible.


This is a relaxing yoga posture

Stimulates the abdominal organs.

Massages the abdominal muscles.

Gives the spine a good relaxing stretch.

(24.) Kids Downward Facing Dog Yoga Poses

What is Downward Facing Dog Yoga Poses?

Hindi-Adho Mukha Svanasana also known as kids Downward Facing Dog Yoga Poses.

How to do Downward Facing Dog Yoga posture.

Spread yoga mats to do this downward-facing dog posture.

Now lie on your mat.

Keep the legs straight and bring your hands equal to your chest.

Place the palms on the ground.

Now press the palms and lift the chest upwards.

During this time your body weight should be on the knees.

Now straighten the knees and keep the feet on the ground.

Keep space between the feet and hands.

In this case, your head will be towards the ground and your hips will be raised towards the wall.

While the weight of the body will be on the hands and feet.

Stay in this posture for a while.

Take long and deep breaths and then come to the position of the child pose.

Do this asana for 2 -4 minutes.


This asana helps to stretch the body and strengthen all parts of the body.

Downward facing dog posture provides relief in back pain.

The practice of this asana strengthens the legs, legs, shoulders, and arms.

Relieves fatigue.

This yoga is beneficial for mental problems like anxiety and depression.

Improves the circulation of blood in your body, thereby reaching blood to all parts of the body.

Strengthens the spinal cord.

Improves the stability of hands and feet.

(25.) Kids Cat Yoga Pose

What is Cat yoga pose?

Hindi-Marjariasana is also known as cat yoga pose kids in English.

Method of Cat yoga posture

First of all, kneel on the ground.

There should be a slight distance between the two legs.

Now bend forward and place both your hands on the ground in front of the knees.

Ensure that the hands are straight and below the shoulders.

The thighs should also be straight.

While exhaling, pull your back upwards and move the head towards the chest.

Inhale, lift your head up and try to lower your back.

This is one cycle.

Do it 2 or 3 times at your convenience.


This cat yoga pose makes your backbone strong and flexible.

Aids digestion.

Relieves neck and backbone pain.

(26.) Kids Cow Yoga Pose

What is kids cow yoga pose?

Hindi - Bilasana is also known as cow yoga pose in English.

How to do a cow yoga pose

Put both your knees and hands on the mat.

Make your body like a table.

Move the neck upwards.

Simultaneously raise your hips.

Try to move your chest towards the surface.

With the pressure of your hands, move the shoulders upwards.

The shape of your body becomes like a bowl.


By trying this yoga pose, your body's backbone becomes flexible and strong.

Your stomach comes in perfect shape.

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(27.) Kids Horse Yoga Pose

What is kid's cow yoga pose?

Hindi-Vatayanasana is also known as Horse yoga pose in English.

How to do horse pose yoga

Spread both your legs as per your convenience and stand up.

Take out the toes of your feet.

Now bend your knees, slowly move the waist towards the bottom.

As if a boat is sinking in water.

Stick the palms of both hands and move them above your head.

Stay in this pose for a while.


Strengthen the muscles of your feet.

Opens your inner thighs.

Tones your feet.

(28.) Kids Camel Yoga Pose

What is kids Camel yoga pose?

Hindi-Ustrasana is also known as a child camel yoga pose in English.

Procedure for doing children animal camel yoga pose

Place a yoga mat in a parallel space to pose Camel Yoga.

Now spread both legs together and sit on yoga mats.

Now fold your right and left legs from the knees and apply them below the right and left hip.

Now slowly rise up on your knees.

Get up until your waist is straight.

Now hold the heel of the right foot with your right hand, and hold the heel of the left foot with your left hand.

Roll your head as far back as you can.

Now take deep breaths at normal speed.

Stay in Camel Yoga pose for a while (30 seconds to 1 minute).


Posing the kids Camel opens the chest.

Problems related to the waist and neck are overcome.

Possessing the kids Camel keeps the stomach clean.

Increases digestive power.

Camel posture makes the body flexible.

This asana is helpful in relieving lower back pain and back pain.

This yoga posture relaxes the lower part of the waist.

(29.)Kids Kangaroo Yoga Pose

How to perform kids Kangaroo Yoga Pose

Stand upright on yoga mats.

Now bend your knees and sit on your toes.

Fold both your hands with the chest.

Turn your wrists inward, the direction of your fingers should be towards the ground.

Now try to jump at the same place, balancing

on your toes as the kangaroo bounces.

This yoga pose is not only a good exercise for children but also becomes a fun game.


This pose strengthens the thighs.

Strengthens the heels.

Increases physical balance.

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