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60 Yoga Poses With Animal Names

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

This is the second part of the 60 easy yoga poses for kids.

You can visit the first --29 kids yoga poses by clicking the below link.

60 Easy Yoga Poses For Kids (Fun yoga poses from 1-29 )

Yoga postures have been created by imitating some animals and the environment around them since earlier times.

image source-freepik.com

These yoga poses include trees, mountains, animals, insects, birds, reptiles and amphibians, and wild animals.

Children are often very attracted to animals. It is often seen that most of the children feel the excitement in copying animals.

This thing goes in favor of the parents of children.

If parents will teach children yoga by matching it with living beings and things around them.

So this yoga will be transformed into a healthy game for children.

List of Calming Kids Yoga Poses

(30.) Happy Baby Pose

What is the happy baby pose in yoga?

Hindi- Anand Balasana is also known as a dead bug yoga pose in English.

How to do a happy baby pose?

For this calm down yoga poses Lie on your back on the yoga mat.

Bend the legs towards the stomach and exhale.

Move both legs towards the stomach.

Now open

both legs slightly.

Holding both your hands between the legs of both legs, hold

the heels of both feet.

With both hands, try to pull both heels to the ground.

Keep the body in L shape for a few seconds.

Try to hold this happy baby pose for 30 seconds.

Try to practice regularly and increase the holding time.


The happy Baby pose is a good Mood Booster.

It relieves stress and positive nerve energizes.

It has the potential to turn the busy mind of the young into a carefree baby.

Happy baby pose calms anxiety and keeps the mind healthy.

(31.) Child Yoga Pose

What is a Child yoga pose?

Hindi-Balasana also is known as a mouse yoga pose.

How to do a Child yoga pose?

First, you sit in a diamond yoga pose (see yoga pose no-9).

Now lean down.

place your elbow and palms on the ground.

Rest your head on the ground.

In the next step, hold the paws of the feet with your hands.

Now stay in this state.

After 30 seconds, return to the previous state.


It is an easy back pain reliever.

Stretches the muscles of the buttocks.

Removes fatigue and stress.

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(32.) Kids Happy Puppy Pose

What is a happy pappy yoga exercise?

Hindi-Uttana Shishosana This is a combination of two types of yoga postures, child pose, and downward-facing dog pose.

Steps to do happy pappy pose

Get into the posture of diamond yoga poses (see yoga pose no-9).

Come on both your knees and the palms of both hands.

Now move your body forward while touching the palms of both your hands.

Put your chest and chin on the ground.

Your hips should be on your knees.

Try to remain in this pose as much as possible.

Slowly return to the old position and relax.


It mainly focuses on the areas of back, shoulders, and hands in children.

It strengthens the hips and back muscles of children.

In addition, this yoga posture can also activate the abdominal muscles. Which aids digestion. Inflammation is reduced and helps to burn stubborn belly fat.

(33.) Easy Yoga Posture

What is an easy Yoga Posture?

Hindi-Sukhasana also is known as an easy yoga posture.

How to do an easy yoga pose

To do this asana, sit down with a pedestal.

Keep both hands on the knees.

Keep the waist, neck straight.

Sit tightly.

For the feeling of joy, close your eyes and feel free from worry.

You can also enjoy greenery while keeping your eyes open.

It can be easy-to-work, pleasurable, and adapt to your physical condition.


By this yoga pose, your stomach ailments are overcome by constipation, indigestion, gas diseases.

It increases your breathing power, provides benefits in lung diseases.

Fatigue, lethargy run away, and neck, the spinal cord is formed directly.

(34.) Kids Corpse Yoga Pose

Or Kids Making Snow Angles Yoga Pose

What is a corpse yoga pose?

Hindi-Savasana is also known as corpse pose and kids making snow angles yoga pose.

How to do Snow Angles Yoga Pose

On the yoga mat lie flat on your back and in a quiet place.

Keep both hands and feet straight.

Keep a little difference between hands and feet.

Keep your eyes and mouth closed during the process of breathing.

Relax all the muscles in your face.

Now leave your entire body loose.

From the feet to the head, concentrate on every part of the body, and keep it relaxed.

Keep breathing slowly and remove attention from all worries.

After you have relaxed all the parts of the body, focus all your attention on your breathing.

It is beneficial to do a corpse pose before starting and finishing one posture.


Corps pose gives you mental peace.

Helps you overcome stress and mild depression.

Relaxes the body.

Reduces headaches, fatigue, and insomnia.

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(35.) Triangle Yoga Pose

or Windsurfer Pose

What is Triangle pose?

Hindi- Trikone Asana Also known as windsurfer pose.

How do you do the triangle pose?

Stand upright by making a distance of 2-3 feet between both the legs.

Keep the paws on the right straight and fold the paws of the left foot slightly inward.

Keeping your waist straight, lean to the right.

Move the left arm straight up and hold it equal to the shoulder.

With the right hand down, touch your right heel.

Remain in this state for some time.

Do the same procedure from the other side.


Triangle Yoga Mudra is a Good Yoga posture for children.

Triangle pose helps reduce stress.

Stretches your chest.

It increases leg and back strength.

Yoga Whale: Simple Poses for Little Ones (Yoga Bug Board Book Series)

(36.) Kids Bridge Yoga Pose

What is kids bridge pose?

Hindi-Setubandhasan also is known as kids bridge yoga pose.

Ways to do a bridge yoga posture

Spread yoga mats and lie on your back.

Bend your knees.

Keeping the knees and feet in a straight line, keep some distance between the two legs.

Keep hands with the body.

Fold both legs and keep taking the back.

Let the palms remain on the ground.

Inhalation gently lifts the lower, middle, and uppermost parts of your back from the ground.

Gently move your shoulders inwards.

Do not disturb your chin.

Touch your chest with your chin.

Put your body weight on your shoulders, hands, and feet.

During this time, the lower body will remain stable.

If you want, you can also lift your upper body with the help of hands.

Do asana for 1-2 minutes.


This yoga pose relaxes and strengthens the muscles of the back.

Causes good stretch in the back, chest, and neck.

Calms your mind and relieves tension.

Helps in healing digestion.

(37.) Kids Boat Yoga Pose

What is kids boat yoga pose?

Hindi - Nokasana is also known as boat yoga pose in English.

How to pose boat yoga?

Sit directly on the yoga mat for the boat pose.

Raise both your legs up.

Maintain your legs straight and do not fold your knees.

Raise the feet at a 45-degree angle from the floor.

Lift the body up from the waist.

Point both arms straight in the direction of the foot.

Keep the spine very straight.

Release the breath outward.

Remain in this state for some time.


This yoga asana strengthens your abdominal muscles.

Improves the balance and digestion of the body.

Stretches and strengthens your hamstrings.

Strengthens your spine and hip flexors.

Helps in stress relief and gives mental peace

(38.) Kids Bow Yoga Pose

What is kids bow yoga pose?

Hindi-Dhanurasana also is known as Bow yoga pose in English.

How to perform a bow yoga pose

Put a yoga mat on a flat area.

Lie on your yoga mat on your stomach.

Now fold your knees and raise both legs up.

Hold the ankles of both feet with your two hands.

Now slowly take a deep breath inside the body and pull both your legs backward.

Simultaneously, try to raise both thighs and hips above the ground.

Along with that, keep your chest and neck above the ground.

When the chest is fully up, then try to move your uplifted neck as much as possible.

Try to stay in this posture for as long as possible (ten to twenty seconds). After that, bring the hips and thighs slowly towards the ground.


Bow pose makes the backbone strong and flexible.

Relieves backache.

strengthens the digestive process of the body.

The body becomes agile.

Reduces fat stored in the body.

By doing bow yoga moves, the chest, thighs, and shoulders are strengthened.

(39.) Kids Chair Yoga Pose

What is kids chair yoga pose?

Hindi-Utkatasan is also known as Chair yoga pose in English.

How to do a Chair yoga pose

For chair yoga pose, stand up straight by laying yoga mats.

You can also stand in the mountain pose (see yoga pose no-48) to perform this asana.

Now keep both your legs close to each other.

Raise both arms straight up and lift them above the shoulders.

Bend the legs to the knees and move your hips down.

In this posture, try to keep your hip parallel to the ground.

Keep your neck and spine straight.

This state will be similar to a person sitting on a chair.

To remain in this posture, imagine you are sitting on a chair and reading a book.

Keep your mind calm and be comfortable.

Perform this asana for one minute or according to your strength.


Chair yoga pose improves your physical balance.

Strengthens your ankles.

Reduces your body weight.

Strengthens the muscles of the feet.

Makes your backbone strong and flexible.

(40.) Kids Table Top Yoga Pose

What is kids table top yoga pose?

Hindi-Bharmanasana is also known as tabletop yoga pose in English.

Steps to do table top yoga pose

Come on both your knees and both hands.

Keep a small gap between both hands and knees.

Open the fingers of the hands.

Both hands should be below your shoulders.

Looking down, straighten your waist and neck.

Stay in this state for a while.


The spine and internal muscles are flexible and strong.

This improves your bowed shoulders, bent back, and sitting posture.

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(41.) Kids Shoulder Stand Yoga Pose

Or Kids Candle Yoga Pose

What is should stand Yoga pose for kids?

Hindi-Salamba Sarvangasana also known as Kids Candle Yoga Pose in English.

Step to do should stand Yoga pose

First of all, spread a thick yoga mat.

Now lie on your spine on the yoga mat.

Straighten both hands by touching the body.

Now while breathing in, slowly raise the legs, hips, and waist.

Along with supporting your waist with hands, keep your elbows close to the ground.

Keep in mind that your two legs should be close together and straight.

At this time, the entire weight of your body will be on the shoulders, elbows, and head.

Also, your chin will touch the chest.

Wait in this position for some time and continue breathing normally.

Then slowly return to your initial state.


Helpful in reducing depression.

Relieves stress.

It is helpful in increasing metabolism (metabolism).

Improves digestive power.

Reduces sleep and anxiety.

List of Birds Yoga Poses for kids

(42.) Half Pigeon Yoga pose

What is kids' half Pigeon Pose in yoga?

Hindi-Ardha Kapotasana also known as half pigeon yoga pose in English.

How to perform a half Pigeon posture?

In the first stage, the downsides fall into the downward-facing dog pose (see yoga pose no-24).

Now bring the right leg between the two hands.

Leave the left foot behind.

Now bend your right leg from your knees and sit on the ground.

Place both hands on the beside the folded leg.

Now you come to the feet of the left foot.

Straighten the waist.

Try to see the roof while moving the neck up.

Do the same with the other leg.


Pigeon pose is beneficial for curing many types of pain in your body.

This asana helps in your shoulder pain, spinal pain, calf pain, and increased elasticity in the hands.

(43.) Eagle Yoga Pose

What is Eagle yoga pose?

Hindi-Garudasana is also known as Eagle yoga pose in English.

How to do an eagle yoga pose

Lay yoga mats on a flat spot and stand upright.

Knees are slightly bent and both hands have to be facing forward.

Bring the balance of the body on the right leg and raise the left leg.

After that, turn the left leg from the front of the right leg and move it behind the right leg.

During this process, your left thigh should be above the right thigh.

Have to cross both your arms with elbows folded.

Keep in mind that this time the left arm is to be kept above the right arm.

Try to bring both palms in a salutary pose.

Keep yourself in this eagle pose as much as possible.

Now slowly come to your first state.

Now do the same process from the other side as well.


Increases body operation.

Strengthens muscles of thighs and hips.

Makes your backbone flexible.

Reduces mental stress.

(44.) Kids Flamingos pose

How do flamingos pose?

Stand upright by laying yoga mats.

Tilt your waist forward.

Spread both hands like a feather.

Now put the entire weight of the body on your left leg and move it back while lifting it in the air on your right.

Try to balance on one leg.

Try to stay in this state for some time.


The flamingo pose makes the shoulder muscles strong.

Strengthens the foot and ankle.

Opens the chest.

Strengthens the muscles of the hips and knees.

The body becomes flexible.

Increases body balance.

(45.) Kids Owl Yoga Pose

What is Owl yoga pose?

Owl Yoga Pose is a very fun and playful yoga pose that all young children enjoy and practice this yoga pose.

How to do kids Owl Yoga pose

Come into a comfortable squatting pose.

Your feet alone the floor and your knees are bends.

Take your arms to fly like an airplane.

Try to make a balance on your feet.

Now move both hands behind the body.

Now slowly turn your neck slightly to the right and then turn left as the owl rotates its neck.

Stay in this posture for some seconds.


With owl yoga poses, children strengthen and lengthen their legs.

Children have a practice of balancing.

The neck becomes strong and flexible.

With this yoga pose, there is good waist exercise for children.

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(46.) Kids Duck Yoga Pose

What is duck yoga pose?

Hindi-Karandawasana is also known as kids Duck Yoga pose in English.

How to do pose duck yoga.

Place the yoga mat on a flat place.

Come on the knees and elbows of both your feet.

Place your hands well on the ground.

Now transfer the full weight of your body on both hands and elbows.

Now balance both the elbows and lift both your legs in the air.

Stay in this state for some time.

This yoga posture can be difficult for some children, so more care is needed.


This pose strengthens shoulders, arms, neck, and hips.

This posture makes your waist flexible.

The thighs become strong.

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(47.) Kids Star Yoga Pose

What is a child star yoga pose?

The star Yoga pose is a powerful and energizing pose.

Which grows kids' body circulation, makes posture strong, and makes the balance in the children's body.

How do you do star pose?

First, come to the mountain pose (see yoga pose no-48).

Open your legs completely.

Now spread your arms open completely.

Your pose will appear similar to the English alphabet x.

Stay in this pose for some time.

Then take your arms down comfortably.

Stand with your legs together.

You complete one cycle here.


This yoga posture improves the balance and coordination of children.

Increases strength and core stability in children.

Reduces children's stress.

(48.) Kids Mountain Yoga Pose

What is Mountain Pose?

Hindi- Tadasana It is known in English as Mountain Yoga Pose.

Steps to do Mountain yoga pose.

You can stand upright by laying yoga mats on it.

Make sure there is some distance between the legs.

Now keep both your hands upright near your body.

Now taking a deep breath, move both your arms slowly above the head, and tie your fingers together.

Keep the arms very straight and stretch.

If possible, stand on your toes while lifting your heels.

During this Yogasana, you will feel a stretch in your body from the feet to the fingers of the hands.

Stay in this position for a minimum of 10 seconds and keep breathing.

Now exhale and come to your initial state.

Repeat this asana 10 times.


Relieves backache in children.

Improves body posture.

Helps to increase the length of children.

Mental awareness increases.

Relieves knee pain.

Helps in building physical balance.

(49.) Kids Tree Yoga Pose

What is kids tree pose?

Hindi- Vrikshasana is also known as tree yoga pose in English.

How to do Tree Yoga Pose.

Stand in the pose of the mountain pose (see yoga pose no-48).

Fold the knee of your right leg.

Now put the paws of the right foot on the thigh of the left foot.

Try to have the heel of the right foot in the upward direction and the fingers in the downward direction.

Try to balance your entire body weight on the left leg.

After the balance is correct, move both your hands above the head.

Join the palms of both your hands as if you are saying hello.

Stay in this pose for 30-60 seconds.

It is not easy to balance on one leg of the beginning, but by practicing continuously, you will become proficient in it.

Now slowly come back to your previous state.

Do the same with your other leg.


Tree pose strengthens your ankles, thighs, and backbones.

Stretches your chest and shoulders.

Increases your physical balance.

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(50.) Kids Butterfly Yoga Pose

What is kid's Butterfly Yoga Pose?

Hindi- Baddha Konasana is also known as a butterfly yoga pose in English.

How to do kids Butterfly Yoga Pose

To do Butterfly Yoga at Konasana, sit down at the Yoga Mat.

Sit in the staff pose (see yoga pose no-12).

Fold the knees and join the soles of your feet.

Bring the ankles as close to the body as possible.

With your two hands, grab both heels.

Slowly up and down the knees.

While moving the knee down, try to place it on the ground.

Lower the knee up to 30-45 times.


Butterfly yoga pose stretches in your thighs.

Strengthens the backbone of the waist.

It improves blood circulation in the lower body.

(51.) Kids Locust Yoga Pose

What is kid's Locust Yoga Pose?

Hindi-Salabhasan is also known as a locust yoga pose in English.

How to do a Locust yoga pose

Lie on your stomach.

Place both hands next to the body.

Now inhale, raise the arms and legs.

Stay in this yoga pose.

Exhale, bring down hands and feet.

Repeat this pose five times.


This yoga pose reduces excess fat in the abdomen and waist.

The body becomes flexible.

Strengthens the waist.

Relieves back pain.

(52.) Kids Flower Yoga Pose

What is flower pose?

Hindi-Vikasita Kamalasana also known as Flower Yoga Pose

How to perform a flower yoga pose

Sit on the mat with your legs opened out in front.

Now bend your knees slightly in the direction of your feet.

Bend your waist slightly.

Taking down the calves of both your feet with your two hands, raise both feet upwards.

Balance your entire body on your hips.

Now try to keep your waist straight.

Remain in this yoga pose for a few seconds.


Strengthens inner thighs, waist, ankles, and back.

Enhances physical balance.

Flexible and tightens the waist.

Makes the shoulders strong.

(53.) Kids Garland Yoga Pose

What is the Garland and Squat Yoga pose?

Hindi-Malasana is also known as Garland Yoga Pose and Squat Yoga Pose in English.

Steps to do Garland Yoga Pose and Squat Yoga Pose.

To pose Garland yoga stand upright on yoga mats.

Join the legs.

Now open your legs a little more than the distance of the shoulder.

Breathe in.

Now slowly keep your tail bone straight and lean towards the ground as much as possible.

Now your entire body weight will fall on both feet.

Stick both hands.

Remain in this position for 20-30 seconds and if possible, try to swing the body to the right and left.

This will open your hip joints quickly.


By doing this yoga posture, your ankles become strong.

With this pose, your hips are opened.

Relieves constipation and acidity.

The thighs become stronger.

Improves physical balance.

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(54.) Kids Half Moon Yoga Pose

What is children half-moon pose?

Hindi-Ardha candrāsana is also known as children half-moon yoga pose in English.

How to perform kids half-moon pose

Stand up straight.

Come into the triangle yoga posture (see yoga pose no-35).

Place your left hand on your left thigh.

Bend yourself from the waist to the right side slightly towards the ground.

Move your right hand as far as you can on the ground towards the direction of the right foot.

Now put your right hand on the ground. Step for kids Half Moon Pose

If the hand is not reaching the ground, then you can also use yoga brick.

Bring your full body weight to your right foot.

Now lift your left leg in the air and try to balance on the right leg.

Remain in this state for some time.

Do the same from the other leg.


This yoga posture has a good effect on the chest, abdomen, thighs, ankle, and spine of your body.

This yoga pose makes the ankles and thighs strong and flexible.

Stretches your hamstrings.

It increases your physical balance.

Every day children's games and daily activities get better.

(55.) Kids Standing Half Moon Pose

What is kids standing half-moon pose?

It is a modified version of Ardh Chandrasana or kids half-moon pose.

Steps to do standing half-moon pose

Standing Half Moon Pose Steps

Stand in the mountain pose (see yoga pose no-48).

While inhaling, tilt the upper body from the waist to the left.

In this situation, exhale once.

Stay on the toes.

As soon as you exhale and bow the body to the left.

Then you will feel the upper body stretch on the right side.

Steps For Standing Half-Moon Pose

Increase body balance.

Increase flexibility in the spine.

(56.) Kids Oyster Yoga Pose

What is kids oyster yoga pose?

Hindi-Hasta Pada Baddhasana is also known as an oyster yoga pose.

How to perform kids oyster yoga pose

Sit on the mat with your legs spread out in front.

Now bend your knees slightly in the direction of your feet.

Bend your waist slightly.

Turn both your hands from inside your two legs and get out.

Now grab the heels of the feet with the palms of your hands.

Now place your head on both your legs while bending your waist.

Remain in this yoga pose for a few seconds.


Flexes the muscles of the hips, neck, shoulders, and back.

Increases physical energy.

increase the flexibility in the body.

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(57.) Kids Lizard Yoga pose

What is Lizard yoga pose?

Hindi: Utthan Pristhasana This Yogasana is also called Kids Lizard Yoga pose in English.

How to pose lizard yoga?

Layout a yoga mat.

Start with the downward-facing dog yoga pose (see yoga pose no-24).

While exhaling, bring your right leg equal to your shoulder.

Move your left foot backward and come to the toes of the left foot.

Now put the elbows of both your hands flat on the mat.

Steps for Lizard Pose

Straighten your head and look in front.

Stay in this state for some time.

Now do all the steps with the other foot.


This asana strengthens the muscles of your waist and thighs and makes them flexible.

This yoga pose opens your hips.

Reduces your monthly stress

Strengthens leg muscles

Very suitable yoga for deep stretches.

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(58.) Kids Crocodile Yoga Pose

Or Plank Yoga Pose

What is kids crocodile yoga pose?

Hindi - Makarasan is also known as a Plank yoga pose or Crocodile pose in English.

How to do crocodile yoga pose?

Put a yoga mat and lie on it on your belly.

Now come to the claws of your hands.

While pressing both hands, raise the front of your body.

Keep in mind that your feet should not be bent at this stage.

The entire weight of your body will be on your shoulders and arms.

Stay in this pose for some time.


This pose relaxes your mind and body.

Relieves back pain.

Strengthens the shoulders.

(59.) Kids Cobra Yoga Pose

What is kids cobra yoga pose?

Hindi - Bhujangasana is also known as the kid's cobra yoga pose in English.

How to do kids cobra pose

Put a yoga mat and lie on it on your belly.

Then lengthen and spread both legs well.

Put the chin on the ground.

Keeping both the elbows adjacent to the ribs on both sides, place the palms of both hands on the ground.

Now attach your head to the ground.

Gradually lift the chin, then lift the neck upwards.

Then raise your chest slowly with the help of your hands.

After that, raise your stomach part slowly.

Moving the neck upward, the back is to be moved backward (like a bow).

Sustain this position from twenty to thirty seconds.


Performing cobra pose asana strengthens the backbone.

The digestive system is strong.

Reduce Excess fat stored in the belly.

The backbone bone becomes elastic.

By performing Cobra pose, the kidneys and liver remain healthy.

Bhujangasana improves breathing patterns.

(60.) Reverse Table Top Yoga Pose

Or Kid Crab Yoga Pose

What is reverse tabletop yoga pose?

Hindi-Ardha Purvottanasana is also known as kids Crab Yoga Pose.

How do you do a crab in yoga?

To perform this asana, sit in a staff pose (see kids pose no 12) on flat and clear ground.

After this, keep the paws of your feet on the ground while bending the knees.

Now put both your hands behind the hips.

The direction of your fingers should be opposite to your head.

After this, while inhaling, lift your torso upwards with the help of your hands.

Also, slowly raise the hips upwards.

After this, now try to raise the hips more by emphasizing the ankles.

Breathe slowly and stay in this position for 5-6 breaths.

After staying in this state for some time, slowly bring the hips to the ground and return to normal.


This yoga pose provides a deep stretch to the upper body.

Stretches your shoulders, chest, abdomen, and spine.

strength core muscles of the body.

strengthen muscles around the spine.

Also, it helps in maintaining balance.

Improves posture.

It forces your wrist, arms, legs, back, etc.

Energizes the body and relieves tension.

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Conclusion - Easy Yoga Posses for Kids

Compulsory precautions to be taken while doing fun yoga for kids.

By the way, children can start doing yoga from the age of 6.

Which is good for the mental and physical condition of children.

But always keep in mind that yoga should be under the supervision of parents for children.

It will also be safe and profitable for children to do yoga under the supervision of an expert teacher.

Keep in mind that children should wear comfortable clothes.

If the child practices barefoot yoga. Would be great.

You can also apply good music.

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Keep in mind that the child may not have eaten anything immediately before starting yoga.

Show your child posture first and then do posture with them.

Allow your child to do as much yoga asanas, do not pressurize them.

Before starting yoga for children, parents must take information about their health.

The child is suffering from asthma or respiratory, migraine disease, please consult your doctor before starting yoga.

Yoga for back pain will serve and educate you on the solution related to the body by yoga poses for kids, chair yoga for elderly, and yoga for office workers. Try tips for how to get clear skin naturally and morning yoga in bed as well as nighttime yoga poses. 

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