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Performing yoga poses for glowing skin is a zero cost technique. By investing very little time in yoga for beautiful face of your desire.

In this information section, you will get the best yoga for healthy skin information.

Now you too can pull everyone's attention by showing your healthy, glowing skin.

The great news is; you too can have such skin by yoga.

Whenever you are watching at the glowing faces in cosmetics commercials with admiration, we often imagine that we wish our skin was equally young and beautiful.

Without any artificial ingredients and costly cosmetics, one can also be stored for years.

Except before understanding these remedies, we have to know the skin problems like what is the main cause of early wrinkles on our face and black spots under the eyes.

Some women have early wrinkles on their skin because of their way of living and unhealthy habits.

Smoking, liquor, drugs, and poor eating practices, and anxiety are the main reasons for these problems.

Nail pimples or pimples are a general problem for women of all ages. Sometimes it is also due to hormone imbalance. There is no need to bother about it.

As it improves over time.

1.Bhujangasana or (Cobra Pose) Reduces stiffness from back and shoulders. Relaxes you and improves your mood.

It gets your skin smooth and flexible.

Practice this Cobra pose yoga asanas for glowing skin.

How to perform Bhujangasan or Cobra Yoga Pose

1. first, lie down on your stomach.

2. Next, keep the palm in order with the shoulder.

3. There should be no gap within your two legs, and feet should be taut.

4. Next breathe in and raise the front of the body upwards.

5. At this moment, one thing should be held in mind that there should not be much stretch on the waist.

6. A few seconds remained in this position.

7. Next exhale deeply and return to a normal position.

8. Perform this two to three times in the initial phase and slowly increase the time to do it.

2. Matsyasana or (Fish Yoga)

Increases depth of breath improves hormone imbalances and loosens muscles.

The skin becomes more flexible and firm.

Fish Yoga Asana Steps and benefits 1. Lie down on your yoga mats at the waist and join your hands and feet with the body.

2. Put the hands below the hips, keep the palms on the ground.

3. Join your elbows together.

4. Breathing in, lift the chest and head.

5. Lift your chest, hold the head backward, and apply the top of the head to the ground.

6. While meeting the head comfortably on the ground, push your elbows on the ground, but all the load on the elbows and not on the head.

7. Lift your chest high. Press the thigh and feet to the ground.

8. As long as possible, stay in the position, take long deep breaths.

9. Relax with every exhaled breath.

10. Lift the head up, back down while dropping the chest.

11. Place both hands back on the right-left side of the body and relax.

3. Halasana or (Plow Pose)

Increases blood flow to the face and head. As a result, the skin improves.

1.Lie straight on your back.

2.breath inwards, raise your feet slowly, first 30 degrees, next 60 degrees, and in the end 90 degrees upwards.

3.Breath towards the outside, raise the waist with the help of hands, and move your feet behind the head.

4.Place your claws on the ground behind the head and breathe normally. Initially, the halasana can be done by resting the hands to the waist.

5. For the completion of this asana, place your hands on the ground and wait in this position for 30 seconds.

6. Have in mind, your legs and knees should be straight.

7.feet and knees straight, bring your feet to the ground by holding the hands on the ground and rest flat on your back for a while.

4. Sarvangasana or (Shoulder Stand Yoga)

Shoulder stand yoga not only enhances the glow of the skin but also improves Sarvangasana yoga for slimming your body.

Shoulder Stand benefits increasing the blood flow in the head. Also, it benefits in getting rid of pimples.

How to do a shoulder stand or salamba Sarvangasana in yoga 1. Prefer surroundings suitable for yoga exercise(mat). Choose a place where the area is level.

The environment should be clean; peace should be around. If possible,

perform this exercise in an open atmosphere, so that the body gets a lot of oxygen while doing all the activities.

2. Lie on the mat and lie on your back. The face should be towards the roof.

Both hands should be directly on the floor or ground in the direction of the feet (keep the palms facing the ground).

3. Both feet should be directly adjacent to each other.

4. Now close both your eyes. Leave your whole body loose, keep yourself relaxed.

deep breath inside and raise both legs above the normal speed towards the sky.

5. While raising the legs, start raising your waist too slowly.

Raise you’re back a little more when your feet are on a straight line (90 degrees to the sky).

6. Now further, use both hands to raise the waist and back. Place the elbow of both hands on the ground and support your waist with palms.

7. While performing Sarvangasana yoga, move your legs, waist, and back up so that your head, back of neck, shoulders, and elbows rest on the ground.

8. The rest of the body should be perpendicular to the sky and at right angles.

When using the palms while supporting the back, then make sure that the thumbs of both the hands should be towards the stomach and the four fingers of both the hands should be facing the back and face to face.

(Note- One hand is to hold the back part of the back, on the other side is also to hold the same part - both hands should not be up or down.).

9. While doing this yogasana, keep the chin (mandible) with the throat. And keep your face towards the sky or the thumbs of the feet.

10. Stay in this position for a while according to your ability. After that slowly remove the support of your hands and shoulders and start bringing the waist down to normal position. Now the question is How long should you hold a shoulder stand?

(Those who are beginner stay in this position for around 30 seconds. When you get used to performing this Yogasana for 30 seconds, then gradually add 5 to 10 seconds to this Yogasana every day.

Now practice this yoga asana for 3 minutes. Then proceed for 3 minutes each day for a week or two, until you feel nearly comfortable in the pose.

Next bringing the waist to the spot, move your two legs slowly towards the ground.

11. Bring the position of hands, feet, and neck to the origin of the posture and after this, rest in Shavasana. (For as long as you have done Sarvangasana positions, at least stay in Shavasana for that long time).

5. Trikonasana or (Triangle Pose)

Increases blood flow to your face and head. An excess amount of oxygen is seen as an addition to the glow of the skin.

Method of Trikonasana

1. Stand upright on yoga mats.

2. Create a gap of 4 feet between the two legs.

3. The right leg should be outward at 90 degrees and the left leg should be held at 15 degrees.

4. Put the center point of your right heel in line with the center of the arch of the left foot.

5. Make sure that your foot is pressing the ground. Bodyweight is fallen on both feet equally.

6. Take a deep breath and slowly release it.

7. While exhaling, turn the body right from under the hips.

8. The waist will continue straight while turning the body.

9. Raise the left hand up and meet the ground with the right hand.

10. The two hands will make a straight line.

11. Put the right hand on the calf, ankle, or right foot on the ground.

12. The hands should remain where they are, but the side of the waist should not be disturbed.

13. The left hand will be stretched skyward above the shoulder.

14. Keep the head in a natural position or bend it to the left.

15.In ideal condition your vision should be frozen on the left palm.

16. Your body is tilted to the side, neither forward nor back.

17. chest and pelvis should be wide and open.

18.Stretch and focus on keeping the body stable.

19. Keep taking long and deep breaths.

20.Feel the body more relaxed as you exhale.

21.deep breaths and leave the body relaxed.

22.Drop the hands into the sides and straighten the legs.

23. Now repeat the same process with the left leg.

6. Shishuasana or (Child Pose)

Shishuasana also increases blood circulation in the head and relieves tension and tiredness. All the asanas in which the head downwards stimulates the nervous system,

there are more oxygen and blood flow in the head which increases our metabolism and energy levels.

The practice of yoga helps in the development of body and mind, yet yoga is not an option of medical science.

It is a good idea to learn yoga under the supervision of a trained yoga teacher. Exercising yoga under a trained yoga teacher ensures good results.

In case of any medical condition, practice yoga only after consulting your physician and yoga teacher.


By the way, yoga is a simple way to keep your health, especially for women. By the way, you can do yoga as well at your own home, but if you do yoga exercises under the supervision of a yoga teacher, then it will be the best decision.

But there is a problem with time. You have to practice and attend a yoga class on time and for that, you have to change your daily routine.

Apart from this, if you hire a personal trainer, it can be a costly decision. Also, the problem of time will remain there. So it would be better if you solve this problem.

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