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Yoga For Bigger Bodies

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Yoga for bigger bodies is difficult, there is a misconception in many people's minds that doing yoga for obese people is a complex process.

Yoga for out of shape beginners persons cannot be done easily.

While yoga is a slow and easy exercise that makes you physically powerful, it also calms you down mentally.

Yoga For Out of Shape Beginners

Yoga is currently known for practicing physical exercise as well as spiritually.

Yogasana is a type of medical system that affects both your mind and body positively.

If you are willing to do yoga for bigger bodies, maybe you take your step back because your body is not in a balanced shape.

With your obesity and fat body, you do not feel comfortable by joining any yoga class among the many people.

If you want to balance your body and reduce your weight through yoga.

Then you should stop thinking of having excess weight, which is stopping you from joining yoga for fat guys class to reduce weight.

Yoga for plus size will eliminate unwanted body fat and help in the tone of your body.

Plus-size yoga is the ideal exercise for overweight people.

Any type of activity is beneficial for obese people.

Because yoga affects both your mind and body, as a result, you do more overweight yoga workouts and cut down your daily high fat diet.

As a result, your weight starts decreasing day by day.

Since heavyweight yoga exercise is for all types of people.

Yoga for fat guy is looking slower for people who are overweight.

Yoga also helps in correcting your breathing process. Which calms your mind and reduces weight.

Is yoga good for obese beginners?


Yes, Along with doing yoga, adopt the habit of eating healthy food .

Understand the mathematics and formula of weight loss, calories going inside your body, and calories you have burned.

Once it sets then good results will come out and everything will suit you.

Yoga for obese moves may be slightly different for overweight people, but its benefits are countless.

Can I do yoga if overweight?

Try yoga positively, The balance of the body is very important for overweight people.

Mostly fat people having trouble breathing.

Because the lungs have to work harder to breathe.

For example, overweight people lose their breath when climbing stairs.

But people of normal weight do this process very easy.

Finally, you include yoga into your daily life and work on your weight.

By making some minor changes in yoga, you can make yoga easier according to your body.

Can plus-size people do yoga?

Yoga for plus size is an example of how yoga is available for everyone with modification and equipment support.

Whatever information you have gained about yoga, but in the present time, yoga is available for everyone.

Yoga is available to all ages and overweight or underweight people.

By doing regular yoga for overweight beginners, you can decrease your weight and can achieve the ideal weight for the body.

It is generally seen that girls and boys having more weight, they avoid joining the yoga for fat girls class or yoga classes for fat guys.

Which are a common state and mental consideration?

At present, there are many types of yoga available for people of all ages and weights like plus size beginner yoga.

By taking advantage of them, you can balance your weight.

It is often seen that overweight women and men feel uncomfortable going to a yoga class which is a common condition and idea.

If you want, you can also keep a personal plus-size yoga instructor at home, or else you can also join an online fat guy yoga class.

How to start yoga when you are overweight?

If you feel uncomfortable going to a beginning yoga for overweight class, you can also do yoga asanas at home.

You do not require too many kinds of stuff about this. Just required a thick and comfortable yoga mat.

Comfortable clothes to wear while doing yoga or search and order on internet yoga for big guys clothes.

In this way, you can do yoga according to your time and convenience.

The above measures will give you freedom from all those discomforts that you feel while doing yoga among those available people in yoga class.

Conversely, if you think positively if you practice yoga in a yoga class, you will also feel inspired to do yoga by seeing other people doing yoga.

And viewing you practicing yoga, other people will also be influenced by you.

So it completely depends on your mental strength.

Do you want to reduce your weight by yoga or not?

If yes, then you just keep your goal in mind, and please do not focus on other negative thoughts.

If you have a question can a fat person do yoga?

Yes, there are lots of options available in yoga to answer your question.

Invest some time on the Internet, you can search for "plus-size yoga classes online" or "yoga for plus size beginners near me " and take advantage of these online facilities at home.

Tips yoga for Overweight Beginners:

Take your first step: Can an overweight person do yoga?

Take a Start slowly and patiently.

Keeping in mind being overweight, avoid doing yoga as quickly as possible for quick results.

Yoga is a slow workout, so people who are overweight should do yoga slowly in the beginning.

It is possible that you hurt yourself due to doing yoga at a fast pace.

Excessive stretching can cause tension in any of your muscles.

Due to which your yoga journey will be interrupted. You may also be discouraged by repeated interruptions.

Use an extra thick yoga mat

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If you are beginner yoga for plus size, try practicing yoga on a thick mat.

Take a mat having an inch thickness, it would be nice.

Since your weight is higher than normal people, a thick mat will protect you from injuries to your knees and elbows.

Otherwise, due to injury, there will be repeated disturbance in the journey of yoga.

Due to which you will gradually become negative towards practicing yoga.

yoga for fat girls

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Wear Comfortable Cloth

While doing yoga, choose clothes carefully, and don't think about wearing fashionable clothes.

Fashionable clothes are not necessary for doing yoga.

You have to choose clothes that are comfortable and you do not have any inconvenience in practicing yoga.

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Will Yoga Help Me Lose Weight?

However, you can definitely reduce your extra weight by doing yoga postures because doing yoga increases your heart rate.

An increase in heart rate helps in reducing your weight.

Right now your goal of doing yoga is to reduce your weight completely.

So apart from doing obese yoga, you have to include other workouts like cycling, walking (20-25 minutes), lying down cycling.

Yoga not only makes you physically attractive but also helps you in finding inner peace.

Yoga reduces your mental stress and confidence increases.

how do I become flexible with plus size?

Doing yoga continuously increases flexibility in your body.

Your body will look great. However, you not only lose your weight by yoga, but you also control your breathing process.

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Yoga offers many benefits for plus size people

People who are overweight can get various types of benefits through yoga.

As yoga is beneficial for all, its benefits are different from other physical exercises.

By continuously practicing yoga, a body becomes flexible and balanced.

It increases your metabolism and reduces your weight.

Doing yoga helps you sleep well and reduces mental stress.

Yoga improves your blood circulation by which energy is circulated in you.

It increases your immunity, which helps you fight many diseases.

Meditation in yoga helps you to achieve various goals in life.

Your way of thinking becomes positive towards your life.

Yoga balances your blood pressure and improves your digestion.

Doing yoga continuously will boost your confidence and strengthens your heart and joints.

Always inspire yourself of obese yoga

As an overweight yoga beginner, it is very important that you keep motivating yourself to do yoga regularly.

It is easy to start any yoga moves or exercise but it is a challenging task to achieve a goal.

For this, you need to be consistent. To achieve the goal, you will have to do yoga work out continuously, for this you will always need to be motivated.

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Make and track your progress report

Always being motivated is very important to achieve yoga goals.

For this, always check your yoga activity and make a record of it.

By keeping records, you will always be motivated by your decreasing weight.

Always keep the target short and divide the goal into small pieces.

Always make your goals according to your physical abilities.

Do not make and set goals beyond your physical ability.

Which should not be more than your physical abilities to achieve.

As you continue to achieve small goals, your enthusiasm for doing yoga will always be there.

Reward yourself

Whenever you achieve a small goal, reward yourself such as buying a new yoga dress or a new sports shoe.

When all these winning stuff is in front of you, it will encourage you to work even harder.

Use the Internet to stay motivated. Join yoga communities and groups on Facebook/ Twitter or other sites such as “Yoga for OverWeight ”, “big fat girl yoga” or “How to reduce weight by yoga”.

Share your progress or yoga journey in the group and let other people know.

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Let them comment on your progress on the yoga journey.

See Motivation Videos. Put up very nice pictures of yoga asanas on the walls around the yoga exercise area.

Some Modified yoga poses for overweight

1. Virabhadrasana-2 or Warrior Yoga Pose-2

2. Vrikshasana or Tree Yoga Pose

3. Sethubandhasana Yoga or Bridge Yoga Pose

4. Half lord of the fish or Ardh Matsyendrasana

5. Marjariasana or Cat yoga pose

6. Bitilasana or Cow Yoga Pose

7. Tadasana or mountain pose

8. Balasana or Child yoga pose

9. Shavasana or Corpse yoga pose

Yoga becomes special for overweight people in many ways because it is a slow exercise and great exercise.

Plus-size beginners can do yoga?

Yoga has benefits for both men and women. Yoga can be done by anyone.

No matter whether he is a fat or thin person, by making some small changes in yoga asanas, you can make yoga comfortable for people.

Similarly, for senior citizens, yoga has been modified according to their age, by changing the yoga as per their body capacity.

As yoga is a slow exercise, some men and women have to work on it more than other workouts or exercises.

Some people are born with body flexibility along with birth. Some of us are born with a naturally balanced body.

Yoga is a vigorous and slow exercise journey. Yoga makes a person mentally and physically powerful.

Yoga makes your body an attractive shape as well as makes your body flexible.

Small steps in the journey of yoga exercises as you move forward, you conquer yourself.

Due to the plus-size, it can be difficult to maintain your balance and reach yoga for an overweight class. But if you are determined no closed door can stop you.

The yogasana suggested below is Easy Yogasana for Fat People, which is the perfect beginner yoga course for overweight women and men.


Virabhadrasana-2 or Warrior Yoga Pose-2

About Virabhadrasana-2 or Warrior Yoga Pose-2:

This yoga pose is an expression of strength. It relieves backache, tightens inner thighs, and also improves balance.

This yogasana is named after Virabhadrasana, a fierce warrior, an incarnation of the Hindu god Shiva.

Steps to do Virabhadrasana-2 or Warrior Yoga Pose-2:

Stand up straight.

Slowly lift your left leg backward.

Rest your right foot almost perpendicular to the floor.

Spread your arms straight. Pull it Hold for a few breaths.

Return to the original position.

Repeat on the other side.

Benefits of Virabhadrasana-2 or Warrior Yoga Pose-2:

Strengthens and stretches legs and ankles.

Increases flexibility of back and legs

Strengthens leg muscles

Develops concentration, balance, and basicity

Improves circulation and activates the whole body

Increases stamina

Chest, lungs, stomach, and part of the femur, and relieve shoulder pain.

For best results of Virabhadrasana – 2 or Warrior Yoga Pose-2

Best to do when your stomach is empty.

This yoga for plus size yogasana should be done at least 4-6 hours after meals.

Best in the morning.

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Vrikshasana or Tree Yoga Pose

About Vrikshasana or Tree Yoga Pose:

Vrikshasana in Hindi Vrikshasana is a Sanskrit word where tree means tree and asana means posture.

When this yogasana is practiced effectively, this yoga move becomes visible to the shape of the tree, which is why it is called Vrikshasana.

During this posture, the body has to remain stable just as the tree remains stationary on the ground.

While practicing Vriksasana, our foot acts like the roots of the tree and carries the weight of the whole body.

Vrikshasana or Tree yoga pose: Steps to do Tree Pose

Practice Vriksasana in the morning in a calm atmosphere in the right way.

First of all, stand upright on the ground. Both feet should stick to each other and keep the knees absolutely straight.

Place both your palms on either side of the body.

Keep your left knee straight and lift the right leg with the right hand and place it on the knee joint of the left leg.

After this, bend your right leg slightly and keep it on the left knee joint.

As much as possible, keep the heel of your right foot upward on the left thigh. Your toes should be bent downwards.

The heel pressure of your right foot should fall on the left thigh.

After this, try to balance your body with the left leg.

Once the balance of the body is established, add both your palms and fingers and raise both hands up.

Both your hands should be raised upward in the mudra while greeting God.

After this, breathe in and raise both your hands slowly above the head.

Keep your body not loose but tense and do not let the balance of the body deteriorate.

Remain in the same posture for some time and while exhaling Breathe keeps the hands on the chest and returns to the previous position.

Now practice this pose with the help of the other leg. Repeat this action again and again.

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Benefits of Vrikshasana or Tree pose

This yoga for plus size helps in giving the right shape to the body and also makes the legs and buttocks strong.

Tones the muscles and empowers the arms.

Apart from this, it acts as a medicine for people struggling with many diseases.

Performing Vriksasana or Tree yoga pose strengthens the spine and does not cause pain in bones.

By doing Tree pose, the eye, inner part of the ear, brain, and shoulder are strengthened.

By practicing this asana daily, one gets mental peace and concentration at work.

This plus size yoga helps to keep the head to toes healthy and body flexible.

Precautions of Vrikshasana or (Tree Pose)

Tree pose is done on an empty stomach.

If you practice this thick yoga posture after a meal, then do this yoga practice 4 to 6 hours after the meal.

We should not do asanas after having special operations, injuries, or problems.

Those who have high blood pressure should not keep their arms above the head for a long time while doing tree administration.

While practicing tree pose keep one of your feet in the right place on the joint or thigh of the other leg and do not keep much down or up otherwise the balance of the body may deteriorate and you may fall.

Do not practice tree yoga pose if you have insomnia or migraine.

If your blood pressure is very low, then avoid practicing tree pose even in this situation.

If you have pain in your knees, do not practice this asana, otherwise, your problem may increase.

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Sethubandhasana Yoga or Bridge Yoga Pose

About Sethubandhasana Yoga or Bridge Yoga Pose

Sethubandhasana is also known as Bridge Pose. While doing Sethubandhasana, the posture of the body looks like a bridge i.e. bridge, hence it is called Sethubandhasana.

This plus size beginner yoga is done on an empty stomach in the morning.

Steps to do Bridge Pose or Sethubandhasana:

To do this, first lie down on a flat spot. Then bend both your knees.

You have to keep your knees and feet aligned. Keep a distance of at least 10 to 12 inches between your two legs.

Place your hands parallel to the body and place the palms on the floor.

After this, while breathing, gently raise the lower, middle, and topmost side of your back, above the ground; And take your shoulders in.

Apply some of it to your chest, support your weight with hands and feet.

Both thighs will stay together during this time.

If you are having problems, then try to lift the upper part of the body by pressing the hands on the ground and support your waist with your hands.

Stay in this position for 1-2 minutes and exhale while exhaling.

Benefits of Sethubandhasana or Bridge pose:

Bridge Pose is very beneficial for the back, it strengthens and relaxes the muscles of the back.

This creates a good stretch in the chest and neck, as well as benefits in the thyroid.

This facilitates digestion. It also opens the lungs and relieves neck tension.

It helps in reducing your stress and relieves the mind.

This relieves menstrual pain.

High blood pressure, sinus, and asthma patients get benefits by doing this.

This makes the feet strong and strengthening the buttocks.

It is good for the brain and is helpful in reducing depression and anxiety.

People who have slight headache problems get benefits by doing this.

This fat guy yoga removes the excess fat stored on the stomach.

By doing this in pregnancy and after delivery, women do not have problems like back pain.

But yes it should not be done in the late stages of pregnancy.

Precautions of Sethubandhasana or Bridge Pose

But whenever you practice yoga, learn and do as instructed by a plus-size yoga instructor.

Also, if you have stomach ulcer problems, do not do it.

Apart from this, in case of any physical dilemma, contact your doctor first and then practice this yoga.

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Half lord of the fish or Ardh Matsyendrasana

About Half lord of the fish or Ardh Matsyendrasana

Ardh Matsyendrasana is made up of Sanskrit words Ardh, Matsya, Indra, and Asana. Where Ardha means Half, Matsya means Pisces or Fish Indra means King, and Asana means Pose or Yogasana.

Ardha Matsyendrasana or Half Lord of the fish is not very easy like other asanas, so most people initially practice this asana under the supervision of a yoga expert.

But after a few days of practice, it becomes quite easy to do this asana.

Almost the entire body including the spine and legs is involved in this asana.

Therefore, in terms of health, it is beneficial for various body parts.

Steps to do Half lord of the fish or Ardh Matsyendrasana:

Sit in Dandasana

Steps to do Dandasana or Stick Pose

(first of all, place a thick yoga Mate in a clean place.

Now sit upright and keep both legs parallel to each other and keep them upright.

Keep the head absolutely straight.

Fold your feet inward and push the soles outward.

Dandasana is the primary stage sum in seated yoga poses. In this posture, both the upper and lower parts of the body have to be taken care of.

The upper part of the body should always be straight and taut while the lower part of the body should be grounded.

If you have trouble bending the waist, then you can fold the blanket and sit on it to support it.)

Press the ground with light hands and breathe in, lengthen the spine.

Fold the left leg and bring the left foot on the ground by bringing it above the right knee.

Bend the right leg and place the foot comfortably on the ground near the left buttock.

Bring the right hand over the left foot and hold the left toe.

Exhaling bend, the torso as much as possible, and bend the neck so that the left shoulder can focus.

Rest the left hand on the ground and inhale normally. This is the currency of Ardh Matsyendrasana. Look at the picture below.

Stay in the pose for 30-60 seconds.

To get out of the posture, do all the steps in reverse order.

Repeat all these steps on the other side as well.

Benefits of Half Lord of the fish or Ardh Matsyendrasana

1. By practicing Half Lord of the Fish yoga posture daily, the abs are strong and this asana also acts to tone them. Apart from this, doing this asana also strengthens the muscles.

How do in change my yoga poses for bigger bodies?

2. By practicing this asana regularly, the body becomes flexible and especially the hip and spine are flexible.

Along with this, this asana is also beneficial for the shoulders and neck and fills the body with energy.

3. By practicing half lord of fish daily, toxins stored inside the body come out.

It does not cause untimely diseases in the body and protects the body.

4. By practicing this yoga asana in the morning every day, the accumulated waste comes out in the body and the digestive system is strengthened.

By doing this asana, food is digested very easily and there is no feeling of constipation or heaviness in the body.

5. By practicing Ardh Matsyendrasana daily, the discomfort or pain in the menstrual period is eliminated.

This asana prevents fatigue in the body and helps to overcome the problem of sciatica.

6. By practicing this asana, the kidneys, liver, heart, and spleen are stimulated and do their work smoothly and properly.

This protects the body from all kinds of diseases, as all these organs are the organs performing important functions of the body.

7. By properly practicing Ardh Matsyendrasana, it helps in removing excess heat inside the body and also removes the harmful substances gathered in the body parts and cells.

8. By practicing this asana, the body remains more active and the problem of loss of appetite also goes away.

The biggest advantage of doing this yoga posture is that the digestive system is strong and hunger is also felt on time.

9. You can control diabetes to a great extent by just doing Ardh Matsyendrasana Yoga.

This asana helps in the formation of insulin by keeping the pancreas healthy and plays an important role in the prevention of diabetes.

Which yoga is best for obesity?

10. If you want to reduce your abdominal fat, then practice this asana. While practicing this asana, if it is maintained for some more time, then there is good success in melting the abdominal fat.

Precautions of Half Lord of the fish or Ardh Matsyendrasana

Half Lord of the fish should be practiced in the early morning.

But if for some reason you are not able to practice this asana in the morning, you can do it in the evening.

But before practicing Half Lord of the fish, you have to keep in mind that your stomach is completely empty, that is, you have eaten four to six hours before doing this asana so that the food is easily digested.

Remember, any posture is benefited only by following all the rules of the posture.

1. If a person has undergone brain surgery, heart, stomach, and bone, surgery, then he should not practice this asana.

2. Patients suffering from peptic ulcer and hernia should not practice this asana.

3. If there is a serious problem or injury to the spinal cord, then in this situation, do not do yoga move.

4. In mild slip-discs, this asana can benefit, but in severe cases, it should not.


Marjariasana or Cat yoga pose

About Marjariasana or Cat yoga pose

Pets can also teach us yoga. A yogi's connoisseur gaze also acquires knowledge from the world around him.

Marjari asana is an excellent example of a cat stuff vibe.

Marjariasana posture = cat posture

Steps to do Marjariasana or Cat yoga pose

Come on your knees and hands and make the body like a table, make the upper part of the table with your back and make the legs around the table with hands and feet.

Place your palms just below the shoulders, palms sticking to the ground, and keep the gap between the knees.

Keep the neck straight in front of you.

While inhaling, move your chin upwards towards the back, press your navel towards the ground and move the lower part of your waist towards the ceiling. Shrink both folds.

Are you feeling a bit stretched?

Keep this position and take long deep breaths and leave.

Now do the opposite direction - while exhaling, apply the chin to the chest and raise the back as much as you can in the bow shape, leaving the tendons loose.

Keep this condition for some time and then come to the table shape as before.

Repeat this process five to six times and relax.

When we do this process slowly and with rhythm, it gives more benefit and it leads us to the state of meditation.

Benefits of Marjariasana or Cat yoga pose

Makes the backbone flexible.

Improves shoulders and wrists.

Massages the glands of the digestive process.

Improves the digestion process.

The stomach becomes curvy.

Increases blood flow.

Calms the mind.

Precautions for margination or Cat yoga pose

If you have pain in your back and neck, consult a specialist.

Do this yoga for fat guys under the expert yoga instructor.

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Bitilasana or Cow Yoga Pose

About Bitilasana or Cow Yoga Pose

Bitilasana is a Sanskrit word. Which literally means 'cow asana' in the Hindi language.

The word bitilasana is made up of two words. The first word is bitil, which means cow.

While the second word is asana, which means standing, lying, or sitting in a particular position.

It is also called Pose or Posture in English.

Steps to do Bitilasana or Cow Yoga Pose

Sit on both your knees by laying yoga mats on the floor.

You can also sit in the posture of Vajarasana to do this asana.

Now put both your hands on the floor.

Lifting your hips (hips) up while putting a little weight on both hands.

Straighten the thighs upward and make a 90-degree angle at the knees of the foot.

Your chest will be parallel to the floor and you will look like a cow.

Now you take a long breath and tilt your head backward.

Push your navel from bottom to top.

Simultaneously raise the tailbone (lower part of the spine).

Now while keeping your breath out, tilt your head down.

Try to apply the chin of the mouth to your chest.

Look at the distance between your knees in this position.

Keep in mind that your hands should not be bent in this posture.

Keep your breath long and deep.

Turn your head backward and repeat this process.

You should repeat this action 10-20 times.

Benefits of doing Bitilasana or Cow Yoga Pose

Improves spinal flexibility.

Improves Prana or energy in the body and bends the spine.

Lower back, middle back, relieves tension in neck and shoulders.

The core muscles are strengthened by giving maximum tension.

Helps strengthen hands, shoulders, and wrists.

The hip joint, knee joint, makes the shoulder joint strong.

Improves digestion by massaging the internal organs of the stomach.

Stress reduces insomnia.

Helps to improve body posture while sleeping.

Precautions Bitilasana or Cow Yoga Pose

Gradually increase the practice to do bitilasana.

Do not practice this asana in case of discomfort.

Never put pressure on the shoulders or knees.

Warm-up before the posture so that the core muscles become active.

Stop practicing asana if you feel any discomfort or pain.

If you are doing these asanas for the first time, then do it under the supervision of a yoga guru.


Tadasana or mountain pose

About Tadasana or Mountain pose

The name Tadasana Yoga is made up of two Sanskrit words. 'Tad' which means 'mountain' and 'Asana' means 'Mudra', i.e. this asana means to be in the mountain posture.

Although this asana is easy and easy to practice, it has many health benefits.

While performing this asana, you have to be stable on the ground and connect to the earth so that energy can flow in the body.

Tadasana yoga posture works effectively to increase the length of your body and stretch the body from legs to arms.

Steps to do Tadasana or Mountain pose

Stand upright and keep some distance between the legs.

Keep both hands close to your body.

Now take a deep breath, raise both your arms above the head, and tie your fingers together.

Keep hands straight and stretch.

Stand on your toes while raising your heel.

During this time, your body should feel stretched from feet to fingers of hands.

Stay in this position for 10 seconds and keep breathing.

Now exhale and come to your initial state.

Repeat this asana 10 times.

Benefits of doing Tadasana or mountain pose

1. Relieving Back Pain

When you lift the body upward while practicing this asana, stretching provides relief from back pain.

2. Improves Posture

The practice of Tadasana improves the posture of your spine. When you practice this asana regularly, you will notice that you are already standing steadily and your posture has improved.

3. Help increase height

If you start practicing this asana soon, it can help you increase the height. If it is too late for you, then you can ask your children to start practicing Tadasana.

4. Increases mental awareness

You will feel more alert, calm, and composed by practicing it. Also, it is effective in improving concentration.

5. Knee Pain Relief

If you are suffering from knee pain, then you should practice this asana.

But remember, for this, you have to practice by keeping your feet on the ground and do not stand on the toes.

6. Help balance

This yoga for overweight beginner helps to maintain the balance of the body because in this you have to balance the body by standing on your toes. Its practice also increases flexibility.

Precautions Tadasana or mountain pose

Doing Tadasana Yoga provides many benefits and people of any age can practice it at any time.

Although its practice is mostly safe for everyone, people with some health problems should be cautious while practicing this asana.

People who have low blood pressure should not do this asana.

However, if you are pregnant then practice this yoga asana according to the instructions of a yoga trainer and after consulting your doctor.


Balasana or Child yoga pose

About Balasana or Child yoga pose

In Balasan, your body pose is like a child in a mother's womb, hence it is named Balasan.

It is said that there is no other place to give good comfort to the mother's womb, so whenever a person practices Balasana, he gets immense peace and peace.

It is also called the Child Pose.

Steps to do Balasana or Child yoga pose

To do Balasan, sit in a ventilated and open area.

You have to sit on your heels by applying for a Vajrasana position or Diamond Pose.

(Method of performing Vajrasana or Diamond Pose)

Sit on your knees. During this, join the fingers of both the feet together and keep the ankles apart.

Now rest your buttocks on the ankles.

Now place the palms on the knees.

During this, keep your back and head straight.

Keep both knees together.

Now close your eyes and keep breathing normally.

In this state you try to sit for five to 10 minutes.)

In this case, rest your upper body on the thighs.

After this, bending the body forward and as shown in the picture, apply the head from the ground.

Keeping your hands with the head, keep it straight forward and the palms should be touching the ground.

Keep your breath normal, this condition is called Balasana. In this state, according to your capacity, you can stay for 15 seconds to 2 minutes.

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Benefits of doing Balasana or Child yoga pose

This plus size yoga relaxes your shoulders and back.

This yoga for big guys is very beneficial in removing the body's friction.

Doing Child's Pose Yoga brings flexibility in the body.

It provides relief in many-body pains such as joint pain, shoulder pain, back pain, etc.

This yoga for overweight beginner is also very beneficial for women, it relieves menstrual pain.

While doing this, the flow of blood is good towards the head, so doing it gives peace.

People who practice this asana daily get a lot of rest.

If you feel very tired and sluggish while working, then doing this yoga posture is very beneficial for you.

Precautions in Balasan or Child Pose

If you feel uncomfortable keeping the forehead on the floor while doing Balasan, then you can put a pillow or yoga supporting tools under your head.

People who have diarrhea or high blood pressure problems or knee pain etc. should not practice this yoga move.

However, if you are pregnant then practice this yoga asana according to the instructions of a yoga trainer and after consulting your doctor.


Shavasana or Corpse yoga pose

About Shavasana or Corpse Yoga Pose

The Shavasana is a Sanskrit word meaning dead body. This yoga pose got its name because it has the same shape as a dead body.

Shavasana is meant for relaxation and most of the whole yoga is done after the sequence.

The sequence of a complete yoga starts with activity and ends in relaxation.

This is the condition when your body gets complete rest.

Steps to do Shavasana or Corpse yoga pose

Lie on your back without any support for a pillow or any object. If needed, place a small pillow under your neck. Close your eyes.

Spread your legs comfortably and give full relaxation to your knees and toes. The fingers of both the feet should be opposite each other.

Keep your hands with the body but do not touch your body. The palms extended skyward.

Take your attention to every part of the body slowly and give rest to your whole body.

Move your attention to the right leg, and then to the right knee, slowly resting every single part of the body.

Move your attention to the head.

Take slow and deep breaths and relax with every breath.

Every breath coming in gives you energy and every breath going out gives you relaxation.

Do not pay attention to the excitement, haste, or anything arising in your mind.

Just be with your body and mind. Devote your whole body to the earth and relax.

Pay attention that you do not sleep while doing this asana.

After 10-20 minutes, when you reach a state of complete rest, keep your eyes closed and turn to your right.

Stay in that position for 1 minute. Get up and sit with the support of your right hand.

While keeping your eyes closed take some long deep breaths and slowly bring your attention back to your environment and body.

When you experience perfection, you can open your eyes slowly.

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Benefits of Shavasana or Corpse yoga pose

By doing Shavasana, one gets into a state of deep meditation which relieves the body from stress and heals the cells completely.

By doing Shavasana yoga practice, you can go into a state of deep meditation.

With the practice of posture, your body is again filled with energy.

This is the best posture to finish the course of complete yoga practice, mainly when you have done yoga asana at a fast pace.

The yoga asana is very good for patients with low blood pressure, insomnia, and anxiety.

Asana is the best asana for stabilizing the body.

Precautions of Shavasana or corpse yoga pose

There are no contradictions to perform the corpse yoga pose.

If you have been told by a doctor to do not lie down on the ground, do not do this asana.

Taking the next step

Overweight people will continue to practice yoga and become skilled in making yoga easier over time.

Your confidence and balance on your body will also increase.

By continuously doing yoga exercises, your weight will also decrease.

All these things will motivate you more to join a gym or join an aerobics class.

So yoga is a good option to keep your body healthy and make life positive in you.

If you do not have money problems, then you can also hire a personal yoga instructor for you to take you to a different level.

Conclusion on the Positive notes

If your body is healthy. You are physically fit. If your weight is normal, then you can enjoy many pleasures in life.

Reducing weight is a challenging goal, but you will have to start somewhere.

Yoga is a good option, your body becomes balanced and fit.

Yoga is a slow exercise which is an ideal exercise for plus size people.

Therefore, it is better that you balance the weight with yoga without worry. Start the yoga journey and make your body attractive and fit.

Finally, always check with your doctor before starting any new diet or exercise routine.

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