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Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Nothing Works Better Than a yoga for relaxation and sleep.

Yogasanas that can help you get a good sleep

Are you currently not able to get even one or two hours of sleep at night and keep on turning the evening? Try some late-night yoga for lack of sleep.

Sleep position for restorative sleep

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These gentle yoga pose at night helps you to have sound sleep.

Due to lack of sleep at night, one does not feel like getting out of bed during the day

because the body is feeling tired and for this reason, it feels sluggish and lazy all day.

Nowadays many people are getting increased sleep problems, due to this, they are getting entangled in many diseases, they are suffering from many different diseases like rising in cholesterol, anxiety in acute conditions, heart and heart-related problems.

If your body is also feeling like the above symptoms, then start practicing yoga stretching in bed.

Everlasting yoga (preventive yoga) is useful in relieving sleep disturbances.

Apart from that, breathing yoga exercises and light yoga exercises also help improve your body system.

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This 15-minute yoga stretches supplies a sufficient amount of blood and oxygen to your brain.

But, before you start practicing a relax yoga pose for sleep issues or insomnia, talk to your doctor so that you can know the exact cause of your missing sleep problem.

Anxiety or anxiety may be the main reason for not sleeping. Here we are suggesting some gentle yoga poses and relaxing yoga poses, which will help you get better sleep.

1. Savasana or Corpse Pose

Corpse Pose

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This evening Yoga asana corpse lying in the bed may seem ordinary to you, but it is very important yoga poses to calm the body and mind.

To do this yoga moves, all you have to do is lie back on the waist.

Spread your hands and feet in a relaxed position and keep the palms upward.

Keep your eyes closed and focus your attention only on relaxation.

You can do this asana at any time of the day. Repeat this 5-6 times in each session.

Shavasana should be your last posture every time you do yoga.

Especially when you are trying to get rid of insomnia.

Breathing brings comfort to your entire system.

You can also practice Yoga Nidra during this time. It is very comfortable.

You can use pulse purification pranayama during yoga to relieve tension and get relief.

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2. Adho Mukha Svanasna or Downward-Facing Dog

Downward-Facing Dog Yoga Pose

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To do this yoga asana, raise both your hands in air parallels to each other.

Now, bending down from the waist, keep both hands on the ground. During this time, your body should be in the 'V' shape.

For better downward-facing dog benefits Keep breathing deeply. During this time, your elbows and knees should not bend.

Keep the head down between the hands. Stay in this posture for one or two minutes.

Then relax. Repeat this 5-6 times.

3.Uttanasna or Leaning Forward Pose

leaning Forward pose

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This stretching before bed yoga poses is helpful in calming the mind and relieving stress.

These yoga stretches releases the hamstrings and opens the muscles of the spine and legs.

To do this before bed stretches, stand in front of your bed and place your hands on the hips.

Take a deep breath and while exhaling, slowly tilt your body forward from the waist and join the head with the bed.

Now touch the hands with the ground. If you are facing any difficulty in practicing this asana in the beginning, then you can put some pillows on your bed.

Then you have to match the head with a pillow so that your head can support.

Stay in this posture for a while. Keep in mind stretches for beginners, that if you have back pain during the yoga posture, stop practicing this Yoga exercise.

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4. Viparita Karani Asana or Legs-Up-the-Wall Pose

Legs-Up-the-Wall Pose

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This upside-down yoga is also known as a leg-up-the-wall pose.

For this good night yoga practice, sit on the ground and then lie down on your back. Slowly extend your legs to the wall.

Keeping your palms facing up, place the arms on the floor.

Then raise your heel up towards the ceiling. Close your eyes and take deep and long breaths.

5. Pranayama yoga or Easy Yoga Pose

Pranayama yoga meditate before bed

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This one of the simple and easy yoga poses for relaxation to do.

To do pranayama, bend both feet inward and sit on the ground.

Close your eyes, keep your hands on your knees. With a deep breath, hold your breath for a while and then exhale.

During this time, you have to focus on your breathing. Always keep in mind that you only have to breathe through the nose and do not use the mouth.

When breathing, fill your stomach with air and then slowly exhale using your nose. Repeat this process about 5-6 times and then rest. Usually, pranayama is practiced by sitting, but you can do it only by lying on the ground.

This will help you feel your breath due to your contact with the ground.

6. Balasana or Child Pose Yoga

Child Pose Yoga

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Balasana, baby poses or child pose yoga is considered the best among the Yogasanas performed stretches before bed for Insomnia.

While performing this workout to do before bed, the body is in the same posture in which the child remains in the womb.

That is why this posture is called Balasana.

By practicing this lying down yoga poses, the body gets a deep and comfortable stretch.

It also helps to keep our nervous system calm. Practicing it daily makes us sleep better.

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7. Baddha Konasana or Yoga Butterfly Pose

Yoga Butterfly Pose

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The Buddha Konasana is also called the yoga Butterfly Pose. This is one of the best and easiest calming yoga poses.

The practice of butterfly yoga pose or Buddha Konasana night stretch provides a good stretch in our knees, private parts, and inner parts of the thighs.

This is a very effective night stretches that completely relaxes you.

It completely frees you from the fatigue caused by walking or standing for long distances.

This bed exercises for legs are very effective in freeing the joints of your body and getting better sleep.

8.Marjariasana or Cat Stretching Yoga

Cat Stretching Yoga

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Doing this evening yoga sequence or relaxing moves enhances flexibility and stretch in our backbone.

By performing this yoga posture, the body emerges into a cat-like posture.

Our digestive system also improves with the everyday performance of this yoga pose.

Its practice gives massage to the organs within our stomach.

This improves blood circulation, relaxes the mind. Sleeps healthy and insomnia problems go away day by day.

9. Shithilasana

Right side relaxed pose

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This good night right side relaxed pose relieves stress and insomnia. Those who do not sleep deeply at night should practice relaxation in the daily.

By doing sleeping upside down regularly this lying down side pose within a few days, sleep will start getting better.

Along with this, this 20-minute yoga routine you will also be saved from diseases due to the problem of sleeplessness.

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Lie on the right side of your stomach. Keep right hand and right leg straight.

Hands should be attached to the thighs. Fold the left-hand elbow in front of the mouth in such a way that a 90-degree angle is made from elbow to shoulder.

Fold the left leg in such a way that its heel touches the knee of the right foot.

Similarly, while lying on the left side, keep the left arm and leg straight and the right leg bend.

Doing this sleepy pose by lying on the right side is beneficial for high blood pressure and lying on the left side is beneficial for low blood pressure.

10. Supt Matsyendrasana or Spinal Twist Yoga Pose

Spinal Twist Yoga Pose

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Benefits of Supt Matsyendrasana (Health Benefits of Supine Spinal Twist Yoga Pose)

The benefits of sleeping Matsyendrasana stretches before bed are as follows:

1. This evening yoga flow or yoga at night flow brings back and buttock muscles.

2. It lengthens and relaxes the spine.

3. It massages the digestive organs and strengthens the abdominal muscles.

As a result, it tones the waist and also helps remove toxins from the body.

4. This stretches for sleep yoga exercise helps the flow of blood to the digestive organs, thereby improving the health and function of your entire digestive system.

How to Do Supta Matsyendrasana aka or Supine Spinal Twist Yoga Pose with Right Technique and Posture

This yoga pose helps in flushing out toxins from the body and reduce back strain.

In this posture, the whole body becomes calm and relaxed. It helps you to sleep well.

Step by Step Instructions: Supine Spinal Twist Yoga Pose

1. To start this asana, first spread the mat and lie on it.

2. After this, spread both your hands on both sides of the shoulder.

3. Then bend the right leg from near the knee and lift it upwards.

4. Rest the right leg on the left knee.

5. After this, while exhaling, raise the right hip and turn the back to the left and allow the right knee to go down and keep both hands on the ground while doing so.

6. Try to make the right knee fully stick on the left side of the body.

7. Now turn the head to the right.

8. In this posture, you stop for 30 to 60 seconds. Then come back to normal.

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11 Pawanmuktasan or Wind Releasing Pose

Wind Releasing Pose

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This yoga pose is called the wind releasing pose or wind down because it helps to wind down releases the gas before bed yoga and this is the best stretches before bed.

By this winddown, yogasana relief from lower back and shoulders pain.

Inhale, and draw your knees to your chest.

Then as you exhale, lift your body up toward your knees.

Draw your shoulders down towards your feet. Breathe. stay here as long as you feel comfortable.

Insomnia and Yoga:

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It has been observed in many studies that when you are performing cool down yoga poses, then you join with each component of the body via your breath.

While doing yoga posture for relaxation, you touch every part of you personally and you can sense the stretch particularly areas of the human body.

The equal vibe we get from doing yoga pose provides our body with a sensation of internal harmony.

Stress-relieving stretches motivate us to eliminate insomnia and irregular sleeping habits.

Meditate before bed Yogas releases us from anxiety and uneasiness.

By practicing yoga moves, we will certainly get satisfying sleep through the night.

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Some more tips Yoga for relaxation and sleep:

Is it better to do yoga in the morning or at night?

Nowadays according to problem yoga experts suggests a yoga poses and yoga routine for men or women.

1. Do not exercise Bhastrika Pranayama and Sudarshan Kriya late at night.

This yoga posture charges you with electricity. This energy won't let you sleep until late at night.

2. Do not view a late-night fright and terror film. Watching such films excites your mind and makes it difficult to sleep.

Try to hear soft instrumental music frequently like Veena or lute and prior to moving to the bed.

Yoga for relaxation and sleep

4. Half an hour to one hour of sleep at midday may also benefit you a great deal.

If you are unable to sleep through the night, then by day sleeping you can finish your sleep soundly.

5. Analyze your day-long action whilst sleeping on the mattress.

Stay calm, pray, and try to sleep with a calm and pleasant mind and try some yoga mediation poses.

6. Take your dinner prior to 8.30 in the night. Get your dinner about 2 hours before moving to the bed.

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