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How Yoga Poses in A Chair for Seniors Can Help You Improve Your Health

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Yoga Poses in a Chair for Seniors

Chair Yoga Poses in a Chair for Seniors are those modified yogasanas that may be accomplished by sitting on a chair.

These modified chair yogasanas also called sitting down yoga poses for old peoples.

This Chair yoga for elderly in chair adjustments makes it simpler to follow yoga for many who can't stand or are capable of stand up and down sooner on account of chubby or weight problems or bodily downside.

Beginning yoga poses for seniors will also be practiced simply at residence or workplace.

There are many yogasanas in yoga in a chair for seniors that assist to maintain the physique working equipment wholesome, it's so simple to do these asanas that no yoga guru needs to be helped to follow them.

Therefore, in this article, we will give details about what's Chair Yoga, its advantages, sorts, and precautions aside from 10 Chair Yogasanas.

These yogasanas are gentle yoga in the chair will also be practiced at residence or workplace.

Benefits of chair yoga for seniors

There are many advantages in addition to practicing chair yoga. The biggest advantage is that a yoga student practicing it can do curved yoga asana in a chair. Such as curved yogasanas, hip stretching, yoga bending forward and backward can easily unleash various types of yoga.

Apart from sitting on a chair, it additionally gives you an amazing vibe. Chair Yoga additionally gives you the advantages of yoga-like muscle tone, respiration properly, stress relaxation, sound sleep, and good health.

Who can participate in yoga in the office chair?

Yoga in the office Chair

By the way in which, Chair Yoga is changing into highly regarded everywhere in the world lately. Senior citizens or peoples affected by weight problems are the biggest variety of peoples doing this yoga in the entire world.

Apart from this, individuals who have neurological issues may also simply try this chair yoga.

Apart from this, individuals who do desk jobs in the workplace who've to take a seat in a chair for eight or extra hours may also overcome fatigue by practicing chair yoga for simply 15 minutes a day.

What type of chair will be needed for chair yoga?

Since Chair Yoga is a matter of creating and transitioning fully, you could be stunned to know that there is no such thing as a want for a specific chair for Chair Yoga. There isn't any must rush to the shop and purchase a brand new chair.

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But for this yoga, such a chair will not be thought-about good, which has wheels on the backside. If your peak is low and you've got issues in chair yoga, then you'll be able to place a yoga mat below the chair or some other factor that helps in support the feet.

Table of Contents

Chair yoga Raised Hands Pose

Chair yoga Forward Bend Pose

Chair extended side angle Pose

Chair yoga Pigeon Pose

Chair yoga Eagle Pose

Chair Yoga Spinal Twist Pose

Chair yoga Warrior Pose-1

Chair yoga Warrior Pose-2

Chair Reverse Warrior Pose–3

Benefits of chair yoga for seniors

Who can participate in yoga in the office chair?

Understand Precautions

What type of chair will be needed for chair yoga?


10 Most easy and effective Yoga Poses in a Chair for Seniors

1. Chair yoga Cat-Cow Pose in English or Aka Chair Marjariasana-Bitilasana in Sanskrit

1. Sit on the chair. Keep the backbone straight and each foot stays on the ground. Place each palm both on the knee or on the thighs.

2. Extend the chest outward whereas pulling the lengthy breath inward. Move the shoulders backward, bending the backbone. It is called Bitilasana called in Sanskrit and in English it’s called cow chair yoga pose. Bitila means cow in Sanskrit and asana means pose.

3. While exhaling slowly, transfer the backbone in the direction of the again and make it spherical. Try to touch the chin with the neck. The shoulders and head will lean ahead. This is a Marjariasana in Sanskrit and cat pose in English.

4. Do not take each of those yogasanas below 5 while breathing and exhaling long.

2. Chair yoga Raised Hands Pose in English or Aka Chair Urdhva Hastasana in Sanskrit

1. Breathing, elevate both of your palms in the direction of the ceiling. Place a distance of about one foot between your two legs.

2. While transferring the palms upwards, attempt to pull the shoulders muscle groups in the direction towards behind.

3. Keep the muscle groups of thighs and hips stable throughout this chair yoga pose practice.

3. Chair yoga Forward Bend Pose in English or Aka Chair Uttanasana in Sanskrit

1. Breathing, bend yourself towards the feet.

2. Place the palms of each hand adjacent to the ground. Fold the head in the direction of the thighs.

3. Raising the breath inside, elevate the palms above the head. Then turn into a normal position.

4. Exhale breathe out and breathe in. Do this course for 5-10 instances.

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4. Chair extended side angle Pose in English or Aka Chair Utthita Parsvakonasana in Sanskrit

1. Spread both your palms while sitting on the chair.

2. Try to touch the palm of your left hand with the soles of the right foot.

3. Breathe and move the right hand upward into the air.

4. Try turning the head to look in the direction of the roof.

5. Stay in this posture until it is attained.

6. Breathe regularly again.

7. Now, while stretching your breath, repeat the process of the second hand.

8. If the left-hand does not move properly on the ground, you can also place a brick under the palm.

5. Chair yoga Pigeon Pose in English or Aka Chair Eka Pada Rajakapotasana in Sanskrit

1. Place the claws of your right foot on the thigh of the left foot.

2. Try to keep the knee as straight as possible.

3. Now keep taking your breath in and out at your normal speed.

4. Practice this asana, taking your breath in and out 3-5 times.

5. In this chair Yogasana you can lean forward to increase the stretching. It will be even better.

6. After doing this Chair Yogasana with right leg, repeat this process with left leg.

6. Chair yoga Eagle Pose in English or Aka Chair Garudasana in Sanskrit

1. For chair Garudasana, cross your right thigh by placing it on the left thigh.

2. If attainable, wrap the calf of the left leg with the toe of the right foot.

3. Try to touch the palms of the right hand by wrapping the left hand below the elbow.

4. Try to raise both elbows and try to remove the ears from the shoulders.

5. Now stay in this chair Yoga mudra for 3-5 breaths.

6. Now do the same yoga practice with the other hand.

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7. Chair Yoga Spinal Twist Pose in English or Ardha Matsyendrasana in Sanskrit

1. To practice Ardha Matsyendrasana or chair yoga spinal twist, the first rule is to use an armless chair.

2. Sit in one corner of the chair, the chair should be on your left-hand side.

3. Holding the back of your used chair, rotate your torso to the left.

4. When you breathe in, try to stretch the spine.

5. Try to bend the spine while you exhale.

6. Now continue this process till you take your breath in and out five times. After that, now you come to your normal situation.

7. After this repeat the syllabus by right-hand side.

8. Chair yoga Warrior Pose-1 in English or Aka Chair Virabhadrasana-1 in Sanskrit

1. To perform this Chair Yogasana, first of all, keep your right thigh neatly stored on your chair. Then pull the left leg backward.

2. Bring the sole of the left foot parallel to the chair and rest it firmly on the ground.

3. Keeping the left leg straight, hold it firmly.

4. Try to keep your chest bent forward.

5. While pulling your breath in, you move both your palms upwards. You can also mix both your palms.

6. Hold this pose for up to 3 breaths.

9. Chair yoga Warrior Pose-2 in English or Aka Chair Virabhadrasana- 2 in Sanskrit

1. This chair is the sequel to Yoga Virabhadrasana-1.

2. Virabhadrasana 2 starts the Chair Yoga from the same place from where you left Virabhadrasana-1.

3. As you exhale, open both your palms forwards and backward.

4. After this, bring the right hand forward while the left-hand moves backward.

5. Next, pull the left hip backward. Now bend your torso to the left. This will make it parallel to the back of the chair.

6. Place your eyes on the palm of your right hand. Now you remain in this posture for three breaths.

7. Now practice this yogasana from the right side also.

10. Chair Reverse Warrior Pose–3 in English or Aka Chair Viparita Virabhadrasana-3 in Sanskrit

1. Chair opposite yoga posture Virabhadrasana is definitely performed after chair Yoga Virabhadrasana-2.

2. Chair opposite Virabhadrasana-3 Yogasanas starts from where we left Chair Yogasanas Virabhadrasana-2.

3. Move the left hand down towards the left leg.

4. Now, while pulling your breath inward, raise your right hand in the direction of sealing.

5. Stay in this yoga pose until you have breathed 3 times.

6. After this, you came back and brought both the legs in the direction of the chair.

7. Now do the same procedure with a right hand and right foot.

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Understand Precautions before you start yoga poses in a chair for seniors

In spite of the fact that yoga is a delicate practice, consistently counsel a specialist before starting a chair yoga program.

While you practice the postures, make sure chair yoga class routines you are watching and controlling the breath. Performing the chair yoga gradually.

On the off chance that you are new to this chair yoga program, you can utilize a seat for balance for specific postures. Certain different assistance pieces of stuff, for example, squares and covers can likewise be utilized for help.


Yoga Poses in A Chair for Seniors or seat yoga, a sensitive type of yoga that is performed on sitting on the chair seat.

When you are doing standing yogasana you can use a seat or chair for your help.

It is mainly profitable for those people incapable to take part in a traditional yoga class.

Chair yoga for elderly in chair is very useful for elderly residents; they can do chair yoga at their residence with the help of any chair.

It's also very beneficial for Beginning yoga poses for seniors as well as office workers and they can easily do the chair yoga at their office to release work stress.

Chair yoga most significant benefit for those people who have an issue of movement due to the injury.

So the yoga in the office chair is modified yoga for analyzing the above issues.

The purpose of gentle yoga in the chair is to help the body and brain grow, however, unlike clinical science, yoga is not an option.

It is a smart idea to learn yoga under the supervision of a qualified yoga teacher.

Practicing yoga teachers who practice yoga guarantees great results.

Practice yoga in view of any ailment, in discussion with your primary care doctor and yoga teacher.

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